SUSTAINABILITY in Golf… give your Valentine the gift of sustainable Golfing products.

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SUSTAINABILITY in Golf… give your Valetnine the gift of Golf.

At Putt Pursuit, sustainability is at the heart of our mission. Recognizing the impact of the golf industry on our environment, we’re committed to forging a greener path by sourcing eco-friendly materials, like bamboo, for our products such as heritage golf tees and club cleaners. Our dedication extends beyond just our products; we collaborate with environmentally responsible suppliers, adopt sustainable packaging, and actively engage with our community to promote environmentally-conscious golfing practices. With Putt Pursuit, you’re not just elevating your game; you’re also championing a sustainable future for the sport and our planet.

Products currently include:

* Bamboo golf tees (castle, heritage)
* Golf gloves
* Cleaning brush and towel

* With more innovative products in the pipeline for 2024!

The range can be viewed here:

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