Prepare to be blown away with new Lenor Outdoorable…Bringing the freshness of your laundry to the next level – laundry as fresh as if dried outside, even when you dry inside!

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Prepare to be blown away with new Lenor Outdoorable…Bringing the freshness of your laundry to the next level – laundry as fresh as if dried outside, even when you dry inside!

• Lenor unveils a new range of fabric conditioner which will take freshness to a whole new level:
NEW Lenor Outdoorable

• UK has 5 months of rain per year so when it rains, simply pour! Developed with unique SolarDry™
technology Lenor Outdoorable gives you line-dried freshness, even when you dry inside (so you no
longer need to rely on the British weather!)

• The new range comes in three scents: Spring Awakening, Pink Blossom and Summer Breeze and two
sizes: 36 and 60w. Available at Wilkos, Morrisons, Asda and Ocado as of mid-February.

After years of research and development, Lenor reveals NEW Lenor Outdoorable fabric conditioner that gives your clothes that line-dried freshness, even when dried inside. With new and unique SolarDry™ technology, the innovative formula mimics what the sun does to wet fabrics when they dry outside.

We all know that nothing beats the freshness of drying your clothes outdoors on a sunny day. But here in the UK we don’t always have the luxury of sunny skies – with the approximately 5 months of rain each year (156.2 days a year1) and even when that rare moment of sunshine finally happens, 1 in 8 of us have no outdoor space2 for drying.
It’s no wonder that us Brits might not trust the weather! But we can now trust Lenor Outdoorable’s freshness, even when we are forced to dry indoors, we can get the same desired freshness of outdoors!

It’s SolarDry™ technology gives your clothes that unique fresh air-dried feeling, even when you dry indoors! But what’s the secret behind line-dried laundry? Research shows that when sunlight hits wet fabrics, a photochemical reaction takes place which produces aldehydes and ketones. These compounds have a very unique and distinctive fresh smell, which is what makes line-dried laundry so special. Using SolarDry™ exclusive technology, Lenor Outdoorable mimics the effect of sun on wet fabrics and combats the build up of musty odours with a long-lasting freshness system.

Consumers who’ve tested it say: “It is hard to describe what fresh air smells like but something in Outdoorable brings it across” (Charlotte, Telford). “Outdoorable is a different level, it really really is (…) I never used a fabric conditioner like it” (Lorraine, Hoddesdon).

Wim Verbessem, Lenor Europe Product Research Expert Says “When fabrics dry in the sun, surfactants and BFA are autoxidized via sunlight, producing aliphatic aldehydes, forming the recognisable odour that signifies line dried laundry. With Lenor Outdoorable, we’ve integrated a pro-perfume that gradually releases these aliphatic aldehydes to recreate the photochemistry of the sun, so clothes washed in this fabric softener smell as fresh as if they’ve dried outside.’

New Lenor Outdoorable comes in 3 scents:

Spring Awakening: Perfumers have taken one of Lenor’s most popular scents and infused it with this new outdoor-freshness system. With breezy marine notes and citrusy goodness, Spring Awakening smells like open-sky freshness that invigorates your wash.

Summer Breeze: Another Lenor fan favourite scent, Summer Breeze, has also been infused by perfumers with the new
outdoor-freshness system. Brimming with notes of Citrus zing, buttercup brilliance and ocean sparkle, this scent is warm and uplifting

Pink Blossom: Our rosiest scent yet feels like a walk in a garden of rose bushes, with its apple blossom brightness, water melon and warm amber notes

Lenor Outdoorable comes in an ultra-concentrated formula, so you just need a small dose to get full-blown freshness!
This means 25% less packaging and 60% less water per wash vs Lenor’s current 83-wash range. The bottle is also made
from 100% recycled plastic (excluded spout and sleeve) which, once the perforated sleeve is removed, is
100% recyclable.

Notes to editors

1. UK Met Office data from 1981 to 2010

2. Office of National Statistics

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Lenor Outdoorable fabric softener is now available from Ocado as of 1st of Feb, Wilko as of 10th Feb, ASDA as of 18th of Feb, Morrisons as of 22nd Feb and Tesco as of 8th March. RRP £3/£5 36W/60W.


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