Newcastle Falcons embrace a Digital Future

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Newcastle Falcons embrace a Digital Future

Answers from Owen Robson – Ticket Office Manager at Newcastle Falcons

Can you tell us about what makes you special as a club?

Our club has a real community feel to it, one thing we have really tried to implement as a club is this True North belief. Our staff are mostly all local professionals, and the playing squad is made up of a huge percentage of academy talent from the region. We want all local rugby team players to be able to see themselves in our players and believe that one day they can be in the same position.

As the most successful club in the North of England, how do you ensure the future success of the club for fans and players?

I feel like the most important thing for future success is bringing that new generation of fans into the game and giving them really positive interactions with both the club and sport. We also must be sure that we show appreciation to our loyal fanbase we currently have and find the perfect balance with every decision made.

How important is embracing the world of digital technology?

I think everyone knows that we are living in a digital world and we need to make sure we aren’t left behind. The club has done a lot behind the scenes over the past year to make sure that across all departments we are up to date and working efficiently. From my point of view it’s great to work alongside Ticketmaster who are constantly innovating to improve the ticketing sector, in my time at Newcastle Rugby we have implemented the new virtual venue and also a new entry system that has helped us transition seamlessly.

What developments have you made that will transform the fan experience over the coming years?

The main one is our implementation of virtual venue, this will give fans the ability to see their exact view from the selected seat. This will be a key element in bringing new spectators to the stadium, I know from personal experience of being a keen sports fan that this luxury hasn’t always been available and I’m sure we will see a hugely positive reaction from our fan base. Like I said before we have also improved our entry systems, this has allowed fans a quicker entry into the stadium and it makes that first interaction a positive one. We always say that the first interaction is always the most important and improves our fans’ overall experience.

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