It’s Bellini o’clock for ZYN® nicotine pouches… (TRY FOR FREE DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR)

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It’s Bellini o’clock for ZYN® nicotine pouches

ZYN® introduces a new exciting flavour to its range of nicotine pouches, inspired by a famous Italian cocktail and sunny days by the Mediterranean Sea.

Smoke-free and tobacco-free nicotine pouches from ZYN® are growing fast in popularity. In 2021, sales in the UK are expected to increase by up to 200 percent*. Now, ZYN ® announces its latest addition to their offering of nicotine pouches in different flavours and strengths.

The new flavour is called ZYN Bellini and is named after and inspired by the famous Italian cocktail. The new ZYN Bellini conjures a feeling of enjoying a drink on a warm sunny day by the Mediterranean Sea.

“ZYN Bellini is an exciting addition to the great variety of flavours and strengths that our customers can choose from. This freedom of choice is a defining element of ZYN, not just in terms of flavours and strengths but because our nicotine pouches are so discreet and can be used anytime and in any place. Where you can’t smoke or can’t vape, you can use ZYN”, says Paola Midence, Brand and Trade Manager at Swedish Match.

ZYN Bellini comes in two strengths; strength 2 for medium and strength 4 for a stronger experience. The initial launch takes place exclusively on

About ZYN

ZYN ® is an innovative consumer product from Swedish Match – for adult users of tobacco and recreational nicotine products. ZYN ® nicotine pouches are smoke-free and tobacco-free. The small white pouches are discreet, fits perfectly under the lip and stays in place. ZYN was originally developed for the US market, and it is now America’s best-selling tobacco-free nicotine pouch, with over 100 million cans sold in 2020^.

ZYN is available in a variety of refreshing flavours, in different strengths. This includes Spearmint, Cool Mint, Citrus, Espressino and the new Bellini flavour. The nicotine is extracted from tobacco, but no other parts of the tobacco plant remain in the product. Other ingredients like fillers, acidity regulators, flavourings and sweetener are of food grade quality and carefully selected to give the best possible product experience.

*Source: Nielsen and Swedish Match growth estimates, Unit Share.
^ Source: Nielsen, Unit Share, Nicotine Pouch Category, Total US, 2020.

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