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● The average adult Brit experiences 11 intense life moments a year – from watching their favourite sports team compete (29%), to moving house (62%), getting a promotion (25%) and proposals (40%)

● Life is more intense for Gen Z who experience 24 moments a year, compared to only five for Boomers

● One in three Brits turns to food after experiencing an intense moment (33%)

● Brits see life’s intense moments as an opportunity to gather with loved ones (44%), host a party (26%), or come together to share a snack/meal (24%)

● The new research commissioned by Philadelphia accompanies the launch of Philadelphia Intense – a unique, new gourmet cream cheese, with an intense flavour experience. This celebrates the opening of ‘Intense by Philadelphia’, a pop-up experience hosted by chef and TV presenter_ _Gok Wan

It’s official, life is full of intensity at every turn. But instead of avoiding it, new research has shown Brits actively embrace it, using moments of high drama to connect with their friends and loved ones, over food-sharing moments (24%).

The average Brit experiences 11 intense life moments a year. Whether it’s moving house (62%), getting married (56%), getting a promotion (25%), or buying a pet (21%) – all the way through to watching a sports team compete in a make-or-break match (29%) or feasting on the finale of a favourite TV show (19%).

The research, published today by Philadelphia, reveals that whilst the intense scenarios differ across the country, the way Brits approach them is united.

One in four people see these intense moments as an opportunity to share experiences with friends and family (25%), host a party (26%), or come together to share a snack or a meal (68%).

And it seems Brits really are a nation of foodies, as the report highlights that ‘feasting’ on intense scenarios is the number one go-to (19%). In fact, one in three UK adults state that food and drink go hand-in-hand with these moments and are often the first thing they think of (33%).

Many Brits use intense life situations as an in-the-moment opportunity to treat themselves and loved ones to whatever food they’re craving (22%), while others prefer to plan snacks in advance (18%). And when it comes to preferred food formulas, Brits have it cracked. The most popular texture-flavour combination features a third crunch, a third creamy, a third crispy with a mighty punch of intense flavour.

Intense moments come to Gen-Z more often than the average, as they report experiencing 24 intense life moments each year, compared to only 5 moments for Boomers. From these moments, buying a house or getting a promotion make 40% of the Gen-Z generation feel happy, and 32% of Boomers excited.

Brits can tantalise their taste buds at the Intense by Philadelphia pop-up tour, running from 18th April all the way through to July across the UK.

Celebrity chef, TV presenter, DJ, and beloved fashionista Gok Wan has created two, new, decadent snacks using the new Philadelphia Intense Garlic & Herbs and Philadelphia Intense Herbes de Provence to help inspire the nation in their intense snacking moments.

Nancy Galvin, Brand Manager for Philadelphia UK, says: “Life is full of intense moments, but whatever the occasion, it’s clear that the nation likes to mark it with food. With this in mind, we’re bringing the bold flavour of Philadelphia Intense to the UK with a foodie tour that starts in London at Southbank Observation Point and will roll-outm across the UK. People can come down, try out Philadelphia Intense, and experience unique flavour combinations courtesy of the wonderful Gok Wan.”

Celebrity chef, TV Presenter and DJ, Gok Wan adds: “I love hosting friends and family, especially for stand-out moments in life, so, getting involved with the Intense by Philadelphia pop-up tour is right up my street. I want to help people elevate intense occasions and encourage them to take a moment to enjoy them, and have taken the two new Philadelphia Intense flavours to create a duo of taste-sensation snacks for people to recreate and share with friends. The new, gourmet cheese can be enjoyed however you desire, but I enjoy it slathered on a cracker, with wild mushrooms, onions, and soy sauce.”

Philadelphia Intense reveals the UK’s top 15 everyday intense moments including:

* Moving house (62%)
* Buying a property (57%)
* Breaking up with your partner (57%)
* Getting married (56%)
* Family feuds (45%)
* Marriage proposals (40%)
* Watching your team play in a make-or-break match (29%)
* Getting a promotion (25%)
* Falling over in public (24%)
* Getting a pet (21%)
* Meeting your celebrity crush or idol (20%)
* The series finale of a favourite show (19%)
* Sending a message to the wrong WhatsApp chat (17%)
* Watching a sex scene in a TV show or film with parents (17%)
* Finding forgotten money in your pocket (10%)

Following its launch in London, the Intense by Philadelphia tour will help Brits mark moments of intensity and can be found popping up alongside national cultural moments such as the Eurovision Final in Liverpool, Birmingham Pride, and the Ashes in Leeds throughout the summer.

Keep up to date on all Intense by Philadelphia tour dates on @philadelphia_uki

Snapshot of tour details below:

● Eurovision – Liverpool

● Pride Festival – Birmingham

● Royal Ascot

● Pride Festival – London

● The Ashes – Leeds

● Wimbledon – London

● Glasgow Pride – Scotland

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