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Black Insomnia Launch Cold Brew

There’s cold brew fever ahead! From the makers of the world’s highest caffeinated coffee comes something a little different (but with an equally mind blowing caffeine hit.)

Introducing Cold Brew from the Black Insomnia Coffee Company. An all natural, additive free cold brewed coffee to expand their existing range of staggering ‘4 x stronger than average’ coffees.

This coffee can be served either cold or ambient, as Black Insomnia explains, the name is not derived from the drinking temperature, but from the brewing temperature.

And what a great time for Black Insomnia to launch a Cold Brew, as CEO Jim Walker explains, “Cold brewed coffee is huge in the US, and the UK is rapidly following. It’s the trend of the moment in the coffee market! Also, cold brewed coffee is that much smoother because of the absence of a high temperature during the brewing process, which means the coffee has little to no bitterness, and is gentler on the stomach too.”

Black Insomnia Cold Brew is based on 90 Gram of coffee per litre, extracted in cold spring water over 14 hours, resulting in a very smooth yet super intense taste and a very high caffeine level. It comes in two versions; the sugar free Pure, and the sweetened version, with 3g of sugar per 100mls.

Made from the same all natural Black Insomnia Dark Roast coffee which uses a traditional Italian brewing method dating back to 1932, the Cold Brew will surely not disappoint.

As Crossfit Athlete Joe Taylor says, “Make sure your caffeine tolerance levels can handle it at the time you have it, or you’re not sleeping that night!” It’ll certainly perk you up, that’s for sure.

Cold brews really are thriving right across the globe with the hottest growth seen in the chillers when it comes to beverages. A 2018 study by Allegra showed iced beverages rose by 14.8%, and with summer on the cards here in the UK, this looks set to stay.

Just a glimpse at the shop shelves can tell you this. It’s no longer just iced lattes we’re seeing at petrol stations, but there’s flavoured iced coffees, healthy iced teas and even iced chocolate to enjoy, making it the perfect time for Black Insomnia’s Cold Brew.

Black Insomnia’s legendary caffeine hit’s are popular amongst certain athletes too, providing that much needed energy kick before and after a workout.

As GB Powerlifter Freya Morrow says, “It’s the perfect pick me up in the morning and before a training session!” And it’s for this reason that Black Insomnia will be selling their Cold Brew in cross fit studios across the country as a convenience product. The cold brew will surely be appealing to the late night gamers and long distance drivers too, keeping them awake that bit longer.

Black Insomnia Cold Brew comes at an exciting time, contributing to several other of Black Insomnia’s recently launched products including the Dark Roast (which Cold Brew is made from) Nespresso compatible fully home-compostable coffee pods, and their coffee drip bags.

Black Insomnia Cold Brew will be sold in a fully recyclable tin, costing £2.49 per 220ml pack, and has a shelf life of 9 months after brewing.

The Cold Brew is available to purchase online.

You’ll also be able to find it in crossfit gyms and stores nationwide in the future.

More information on the Black Insomnia’s coffee range can be found at


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