The Next Generation AVENTON eBike Pace 500 & 350 Have Arrived >>

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The Next Generation Pace 500 & 350 Have Arrived

Aventon’s award-winning Pace 500 & 350 have new upgrades and design features

The next generation of the award-winning Pace 500 has arrived. The classic ebike has undergone several upgrades and a new design, all while continuing to honor what made the Pace 500 a fan favorite: capability, reliability, value, power, and comfort. The upright riding position is perfect for a casual ride but can still pack a punch when the urge for a bit of thrill comes. The Next-Gen Pace 500 has an improved battery that is now fully integrated into the frame along with integrated rear brake lights and headlight. Riders have the freedom to choose from different sizes, colors, and whether they’d prefer the step-through frame option. Similarly, the more price-friendly, Pace 350, has gone through some new upgrades and design features of its own.

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