STIGA 3 Series cordless range, charge while you store! Smart charging – always ready to go

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STIGA 3 Series cordless range, charge while you store! Smart charging – always ready to go

The brand new STIGA 3 Series [2], is a no-brainer if you are a busy bee and need to charge your gardening tools whilst storing them!

STIGA’s clever and convenient on-board charging and on-wallstoragesystem keeps tools neat and always ready for use!

Batteries, charger and storage system are all included in the priceofeach of the products, even if bought separately. And with the 2 x20V batteries you get double the battery, double the power!

The STIGA HT 300e is the ideal battery hedge trimmer for effortlessly tackling demanding gardening tasks, it offers doublethepower for trimming hedges! With a tooth opening of 23mm for medium-thick branches and minimal stress to your arms, it enables clear and precise cutting thanks to the 54 cm hardened steel lasercutblade. £199.00

More power for blowing leaves! The BL 300e battery garden leaf blower has 2x20V batteries and has 2 different air speeds and the perfect balance, to clear leaves and dirt out of the way in no time. No matter the task at hand, its efficient intake air ventilationgridensures a continuous flow of air, keeping your garden leaf blower operating flawlessly. £199.00

Double the power for edging lawns! The GT 300e battery grass trimmer is the ideal solution for giving the perfect final touch to your lawn, in little time. With over 30 minutes of runtime on asinglecharge, this tool can provide the perfect final touch to your lawn through trimming or edging. £199.00

More power for cutting logs! The CS 300e, the first STIGA 2x20V (4Ah) battery chainsaw boasts a maximum cutting width of 265 mm, ensuring high-quality and efficient cuts. It has a maximum chain speed of 15 m/s and 265 mm of maximum cutting diameter. £239.00

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