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Meeting building and plumbing codes, the Swash Thinline T22 reduces toilet paper use—saving money, decreasing environmental waste, and enhancing the public restroom experience

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Brondell, an innovator of health and personal care technologies in North America, is proud to release the Swash Thinline T22 Bidet Toilet Seat with Open Front Less Cover—the first of its kind. Give any public bathroom a hygienic and luxurious upgrade with a commercial bidet designed to reduce toilet paper usage (and the eco-waste it takes to produce it).

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Brondell’s Swash Thinline T22 Bidet Seat with Open Front Less Cover is the newest addition to its commercial lineupPreviously, a commercial bidet toilet seat that met Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) requirements for public restrooms didn’t exist. Now, thanks to the open front, lidless design, businesses can elevate their bathrooms while meeting the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) standards.

At just 99 millimeters (3.90 inches) in height, this advanced commercial bidet maintains a slim, modern appearance for public restrooms in any space—municipal facilities, office buildings, hotel lobbies, spas, restaurants, and more.

Top features include:

Reinforced internal construction: Sleek yet durable, the seat is built to last and to handle the stress of daily public usage.
User-friendly, side-arm controls: Boost comfort and luxury with a full array of customizable features, including instant and continuous warm water washes, and adjustable water temperature.
Quick-release seat and self-cleaning nozzle: Facility teams will love its hygienic features that make upkeep a breeze.
The Swash Thinline T22 Bidet Toilet Seat with Open Front Less Cover is the newest addition to Brondell’s commercial lineup, which includes air purifiers, water filtration systems, and showers with patented spray technology. This industry-leading commercial bidet provides a sustainable solution for private and publicly-owned businesses and buildings.

Commercial bidet benefits include:

Prioritize bathroom hygiene: Gentle, warm water washes leave users feeling fresh and clean.
Enhance toileting experience: Enhance comfort for staff and customers with luxury features, like a heated seat.
Reduce toilet paper usage: By minimizing the need for toilet paper, organizations can preserve the Earth’s precious resources—like water, trees, and energy—and potentially lower overhead expenses.
The Swash Thinline T22 Bidet Toilet Seat with Open Front Less Cover will be available on early next year, listed for $1632.00. For wholesale pricing and availability contact Brondell’s sales department at

About Brondell:

With 20 years in the industry, Brondell is known for developing products that provide welcome relief, long-term health benefits, and a more sustainable footprint. The company focuses on customer wellness, harnessing cutting-edge technology to improve health within the home, office, and beyond.

Each product in Brondell’s ecosystem of solutions is crafted to fit seamlessly and sustainably into everyday life, so that the things we do every day—like breathing, drinking, bathing, and flushing—are better for both people and the planet. In addition to creating eco-friendly products, Brondell donates 1% of sales of select bidet attachments to environmental nonprofits with its 1% for the Planet product partnership.

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