Q&A with Adele Nasr / Aventon. (www.aventon.com)

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Q&A with Adele Nasr / Aventon Chief Marketing Officer

1. First, can you define what an ebike “is” and if there’s any relationship to electric cycles?
An ebike is simply an electric version of a traditional bicycle. So, envision just a normal bike with its two wheels, brake levers, etc. Now imagine it has some extra parts like an electric motor and a battery, making it an ebike! The electric motor is essentially what can help you climb those intense hills, keep up the pace with traffic or just ride farther and faster than you might on a regular bike. The motor powers the pedal-assist and throttle features most ebikes have, so if you can’t pedal full-force, the motor kicks in and takes some of that pressure away. The beauty of it is that you have the choice of how much assistance you want from the motor or none at all.

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