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Orbit Expands Smart Watering Innovation and Accessibility with New B-hyve XD Hose Faucet Timer

Orbit’s next generation of hose faucet timers improves customizability, allowing users to control watering for any yard or garden from their connected devices

SALT LAKE CITY, May 27, 2021 – Orbit, the leader in smart watering with B-hyve technology, today announced the next generation of above-ground connected products for outdoor hose watering. The B-hyve XD Hose Faucet Timer gives users an easier way to manage their watering schedules from anywhere through a connected device, saving water, time and money while maintaining a lush landscape.

The vast majority of homeowners in the U.S. – more than 75% – manually water lawns, gardens and container plants with a hose. Orbit’s B-hyve XD Hose Faucet Timer turns any outdoor faucet into a smart faucet that can automate and simplify the watering process. The B-hyve app gives you full control by enabling users to program and adjust watering directly from their phones. The B-hyve XD Hose Faucet Timer is also equipped with an interface that can be accessed directly on the device to manage your sprinklers.

“Water has always been the most important resource, and people are more aware and careful in how they use it,” said Stuart Eyring, CEO of Orbit. “Conservation is central to our B-hyve products and with the XD Hose Faucet Timer, users have better control over their system from anywhere, achieving significant water savings while making life much easier for manual watering and maintaining a healthy yard.”

Features of the B-hyve XD Hose Faucet Timer include:

• Smart customization – Lets users determine the right level of automation for their needs, from full smart watering that gathers weather predictions and environmental characteristics that adjust in real-time to basic timing schedules–you will no longer need to run out in the rain to shut off the hose as the device will take care of that automatically or you can adjust through the app
• Simpler connectivity – An integrated Bluetooth chip lets users pair Android and iOS devices directly with the timer; WiFi connection is available by adding Orbit’s B-hyve Hub (sold separately)
• Extensive range – The XD uses a long range bluetooth chip for maximum coverage in your yard, with up to 500 feet line of sight
• Built for the unpredictable – If any connection issues occur, the XD Hose Faucet Timer stores the program and will continue to run as scheduled
• Multiple port options – Coming soon, the XD Hose Faucet Timer will be available in two-port and four-port versions, enabling users to water multiple stations with fully customizable controls
• Water conservation certification: When connected to the B-hyve Hub, consumers benefit from the highest standards of water efficiency as the XD Hose Faucet Timer is both EPA Watersense and SWAT certified, meaning the device taps into current weather and site conditions to help cut unnecessary watering

The B-hyve XD Hose Faucet Timer is available now at Lowe’s, both online and in retail stores. The two-port and four-port timers will be available in Q3 2021. Rebates for B-hyve may be available in your area from up to 100% of the purchase price. You can find out if you qualify for rebates from your local utility or water district at www.orbitonline.com/rebates.

To learn more about the B-hyve smart watering system and find a retailer in your area, visit bhyve.orbitonline.com.

About Orbit
Orbit’s mission is to bring smart technology to homeowners, landscape professionals and farmers across the globe. The company serves markets across six continents and 40 countries, and for decades has been a worldwide leader in designing and building innovative watering products. For more information, visit www.orbitonline.com.

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