Hedkayse in collaboration with twICEme to make their proprietary bike helmets smart

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Hedkayse in collaboration with twICEme to make their proprietary bike helmets smart

Stockholm, Sweden – The Swedish ingredient-brand twICEme is today announcing a new partnership with the British contraption and bike brand Hedkayse, known for its groundbreaking bike helmet technology and design. The two brands will work together to offer the next level of protective bike equipment in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.

Hedkayse believes that heads are worth protecting and have made it their mission to provide the safest head protection possible for cyclists. HedKayse’s foldable helmet – the “Helmet for Life” – is completely unique in the way that it can cope with multi-impacts, making it the only cycle helmet in the world that doesn’t break after an impact. With their Enkayse™ liner material, which has been designed and engineered specifically to provide the same levels of protection as traditional cycle helmets but with the significant difference that the protection is repeatable, they have changed the face of cycle helmet technology. Hedkayse has created the ultimate accessory in a utilitarian helmet that is tougher than the daily “rough and tumble” life both urban and commuter helmets face. This is the “Land Rover Discovery” of Cycle Helmets.

twICEme is an integrated technology that enables quick access to safety information in situations when it is needed most. By tapping the twICEme symbol displayed on the gear with a smartphone, responders can access a user’s uploaded profile. Access to this safety information gives first responders a clear, efficient way to make decisions in the case of an emergency where time is often most critical, but can also be helpful to companions in the event that something happens to a fellow cyclist. As an owner of a twICEme integrated equipment, users load how much or how little safety info to their profile as they please. This is managed in the free twICEme app.

The decision to work together was a natural step for both parties from the very beginning. Hedkayse’s desire to drive change in the head protection segment is one that twICEme fully shares, as they too are working to lead the industry into the future – a smart future. Integrating a smart element into helmets at a production level brings performance to a new height beyond expected safety and function. Because just as the Hedkayse helmet is more than a traditional bike helmet, twICEme® adds something more to the helmet than just head protection.

“We are delighted to announce the inclusion of twICEme technology into every single cycle helmet we produce from early 2023. The Hedkayse customer cares about their safety, appreciating the benefit of a helmet that looks after you, rather than you having to look after it. Going “smart” immediately upgrades the benefits to our customers, helping them feel more secure and reassured. A perfect platform to further build into as we progress into 2023 & 2024.” Says George Fox, Co-founder at Hedkayse.

“twICEme works with the innovators, the frontrunners, the pioneers that want to make equipment smart in order to make the users safer. Those who believe that collaboration between partners who are specialists in what they do ultimately creates a genuine customer value. Teaming up with dynamic, innovative companies like Headkayse is paramount when building the global standard for smart safety, and the fact that a dynamic partnership with Hedkayse continues the journey towards making users safer by making equipment smart. ” Says Christian Connolly, CEO of Twiceme Technology.

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