Father’s Day Gift Guide 2022 Part 1 ! We hope all dads have an absolutely amazing day! You deserve it so much !

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Alfa Romeo Blue EDT 125ml

The fragrance is an invitation to travel and to experience new
adventures. A breath of fresh air with marine accents that gives you
all the strength you need to meet life’s challenges.
Inspired by the power of the ocean, this perfume blends aromatic
fougere top notes with modern fruity floral scents. The base notes
remind the bold character of woods with the perfect mix of patchouli
and dry woods.

RRP: £30.00

Stockist: BeautyBase.com

Jaguar For Men EDT 100ml

Over 30 years ago, Jaguar, renowned creators of the world’s most
aristocratic and stylish car, put its mark on a unique men’s
fragrance. Jaguar For Men was designed to live up to the lifestyle of
a sophisticated gentleman, one who dresses elegantly yet with ease and
knows how to combine fashion with it. This masterpiece has become a
true classic among fragrances.

RRP: £45.00

Stockist: Aromorfia.co.uk

Spray Away Unsanitary Fears

Aren’t you tired of having to walk round the gym in search of disinfectant wipes to clean equipment before you can start working out?

Not to mention how unsustainable and damaging those wipes are to the planet!

Beauty industry leaders such as Boots are taking charge to ban plasticated wet wipes from their stores, so why are gyms not taking the same action? Perhaps they just need the right alternative…

Introducing: Cornells Wellness Sports Sanitiser Sprays¬¬
Cornells Sports Sanitisers are the first specific spray for use on gym equipment, sports gear and hands!
Compared to many competitor products on the market, Cornells’ range containing 70% Isopropyl Alcohol is proven to be more effective than Ethanol based hand sanitisers.
The advanced HSE approved formula kills 99.99% of bacteria & viruses (including Covid 19) instantly and provides long lasting protection and moisturisation to the skin.

Why customers choose Cornells Wellness Sports Sanitisers:
– Dries instantly, no more sticky hands or cloths to bin!
– Can be used to disinfect and freshen multiple surfaces and materials
– Controlled unit dosage resulting in less wastage & higher level of efficiency
– Spray as you go, portable sanitizing station you can keep on you at all times
– Non-aerosol, uses a pump spray which allows for carry-on on all travel methods
– Increased levels of hygiene, no entry point for bacteria
– Scented with citrus & musk to refresh your equipment & hands
– Recyclable packaging

Are you ready to Power Up?

Cornells’ Power Up gives you the freedom to effortlessly prep and disinfect your equipment with just a few sprays so you can start your workout without interruption!

The Power Up Sports Sanitiser Spray comes in a super value duo pack (x2 100ml cans). Developed to be used on hands, gym equipment and sports gear to keep it clean & germ free.

RRP: £5.49
Available at John Bell & Croyden / www.johnbellcroyden.co.uk

Let’s go, Full Throttle!

Speed through your workout with Cornells’ Full Throttle Sports Sanitizer Spray, just spray over your gym equipment and watch it dry instantly so you can keep your workout going, no interruptions!

The Full Throttle Sports Sanitiser Spray comes in a super value duo pack (x2 100ml cans). Developed to be used on hands, gym equipment and sports gear to keep it clean & germ free.

RRP: £5.49
Available at John Bell & Croyden / www.johnbellcroyden.co.uk

emporia Telecom – the SMART.5.

Possibly the perfect gift for an older father who struggles with technology. Many have experienced the struggles of handing up an old smartphone to their parents in an attempt to get them online, but instead becoming a 24/7 helpline as they struggle to get to grips with the device. emporia’s smartphones and tablets are specifically designed with older users in mind to create a stress-free learning experience, without compromising on features.

The SMART.5 retails for £250 and is the latest smartphone from emporia. It is a full-function smartphone with features including:
• Unique, smart flip cover with four quick-access buttons
• Discrete optional emergency button (can be hidden with change of back cover)
• A front camera and rear triple-camera
• A 1.8Ghz Octa-Core processor
• 5.5” screen

The phone can be purchased directly from Argos here.

All emporia devices come with a large format printed training book with exercises, tips and how to guides – so the user can learn and build confidence at their own pace.

Diamond – Double Vase

The DIAMOND Vase Set was designed to give a natural and exclusive touch to interior and outdoor environments. Two vases in different formats and finishes in Cobermaster 3D Grating make this piece a work of art capable of enrich any environment.

Dimensions: Length: 1100mm Width: 550mm Height: 330mm
Price: €1067.64
Cobermaster Concept

Pierre Performance is a skincare line designed with men in mind for all ages, sizes, backgrounds, and stages of life making luxury skincare accessible with all products priced under $50. Results-driven formulas that couple effective naturals like peppermint oil and seaweed extract with modern skin-clearing ingredients like salicylic acid are made with every skin type in mind- even problem skin and focus on men’s specific needs and untapped products for men like chemical exfoliants and serums.

When founder Jamal Pierre started his career, he experienced problematic skin, but the skincare products he used were often formulated for teenagers and utilized harsh ingredients, or they were off-shoots of larger, women-focused brands that didn’t target men’s specific needs which later inspired him to create Pierre Performance. The line includes a facial cleanser, exfoliant, moisturizer, serum, eye cream, blemish lotion, lip scrub and lip plumper with extraordinary product names. Pierre Performance is based and built in Miami. All products are available to shop on their website www.pierreskin.com and on Amazon.RUFF ($15) A lip scrub to be used 1-3 times per week. Massage the decadent scrub on your lips for 2-3 minutes to remove dead skin, protect against dryness, cracking, and chapping, and reveal fresh, healthy lips. It’s basically Miami beach in a jar with its tropical flavor and blends of coconut, sugar, bamboo stem, shea butter, and peptide complex. This potent peptide supports natural collagen and hyaluronic acid production, encouraging a plump appearance.THICC ($25) Simply smooth THICC on your lips as often as needed for a blast of hydration that will leave your lips feeling moisturized and healthy. This lip moisturizer with nourishing actives maximizes moisture and cushions dry lips while lessening the look of vertical lines. This peptide-packed treatment targets vital skin proteins to help restore a plump appearance to thin lips. Also added is a powerful and protective humectant, which guards against moisture loss, ensuring lasting hydration and moisture.Fix Your Face Cleanser ($24) The luxury of a facial treatment at your favorite high-end spa reimagined into an at-home facial cleanser. This cleanser combines peppermint oil, rosehip oil, seaweed extract, and geranium oil with salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and glycerin to give your skin a deep clean that dissolves dirt and oil, evens your skin tone, and smooths fine lines.Shine No More Exfoliator ($28) This chemical exfoliator rids your face of acne-causing dirt and oil and leaves your skin feeling clean, clear, and shine-free. If you’re struggling with oily and/or problematic skin adding this exfoliator to your skincare routine 1-3 times a week is a gamechanger.Never Thirsty Moisturizer ($30) Not only is this moisturizer packed with vitamins, natural oils, jojoba oil, and skin-softening apricot kernel oil, but it’s infused glycolic acid to combat hyperpigmentation, dullness, and signs of aging.Check Your Baggage Eye Cream ($24) This eye cream minimizes dark circles, deflates puffiness, buffs out fine lines and wrinkles, and is formulated with caffeine to stimulate micro-stimulation.Even Keel Brightening Serum ($48) This serum is the secret to overall illuminate your skin with the key ingredient Mulberry Extract which helps prevent melanin production, naturally brightening the skin and creating a more youthful appearance.Going, Going, Gone Blemish Drying Lotion ($22) eliminates blemishes overnight using Zinc oxide, a multi-tasking mineral that supports healthy skin by absorbing excess oil and reducing sebum buildup.

Honour the Legend in Your Life with Windmeul Cellar’s Premium ‘The Legend Collection’

March 2022, Cape Town – The release of Windmeul Cellar’s premium wines’ 2019 vintage again stands testament to the Paarl-based wine producer’s track record of creating exceptional wines.

Windmeul Cellar’s release of its latest The Legend Collection (2019)

The Legend Collection’s Chenin Blanc 2019 and Pinotage 2019 succeed vintages that consistently achieved top ratings at the likes of the Michelangelo Wine Awards, Veritas, John Platter’s Wine Guide, ABSA Top 10 Pinotage and Standard Bank Chenin Blanc Top 10 competitions. For decades, Windmeul Cellar has secured its place as a top wine producer and is in no measure planning to slow their momentum in delivering wines that are both versatile and distinguished.

“With 78 years of wine production to look back on, we can confidently say that Windmeul Cellar is an experienced hand at making wines of remarkable quality,” says cellar master, Danie Marais. “When it comes to our elite range, you don’t have to take our word to prove its quality. We believe in taking credit when it is due and are proud to place good value on our premium wines.” Marais has worked in the wine industry for more than 30 years. This is his 23rd year at the reigns of the Windmeul Cellar team.

Windmeul Cellar produces three wine ranges where The Legend Collection is the most high-end. The wines were initially created in 2010 to pay tribute to those who continue to inspire others to initiate and experience life’s splendour without compromise. From parents to childhood role models, the meticulous winemaking process of the limited Collection reflects the appreciation of day-to-day heroes who merits to be celebrated.

“A lot of heart went into making these wines,” adds senior winemaker, Abraham van Heerden. “If they can be experienced as a special keepsake or gift for the day-to-day ‘legend’, then we are on the right track.”

The Legend Collection was further inspired by the late veteran Springbok player and a previous Windmeul Cellar director, Theunis Petrus Daniel (TPD) Briers (1929 – 2018). The range underpins Briers’ contributions to the development of an adored sport as well as South Africa’s wine sector. Marais thought it ideal for prolonging Briers’ legacy with this high-level wine range.

“Much like those who grew up admiring their mentors or idols, I have always followed Briers’ success,” says Marais. “We wanted to emboss Briers’ honour in a wine that mirrors the quality of his influence in various fields. It made sense to extend this sentiment to individuals who continue to make an impact on those who look up to them. May it be your work colleague, a good friend or family member.”

About the Wine:

Recalled as one of the ‘Windmeul crown jewels’, the Chenin Blanc 2019 is a full-bodied white varietal with honeyed notes adding more character to its flavour profile. The wine, obtained from Windmeul Cellar’s Reserve Chenin’s ‘Best Barrels Selection’, acquired a delicate acid balance, underlining its unique, slightly savoury taste. Think oak spices subtly blanketed under green mango, quince, and melon with fresh ginger aromas. Made from warm climate Chenin grapes, the wine shows complex characteristics that subtly dissolve into a concentrated, savoury palate accustomed to older vines. Perfect on its own when chilled, the wine also pairs well with seafood, ceviche, crisp salads to a diverse canapé menu.

Windmeul Cellar’s The Legend Collection barrel fermented Chenin Blanc 2019

Legend Chenin Blanc 2010 Platters Guide 2011 – 4 Star
Legend Chenin Blanc 2011 Michelangelo Wine Awards 2012 – Gold
Platters Guide 2012 – 4 Star
Legend Chenin Blanc 2012 Michelangelo Wine Awards 2013 – Grand D’Or
Platters Guide 2013 – 4 Star
Legend Chenin Blanc 2013 Platters Guide 2014 – 4 Star
Legend Chenin Blanc 2014 Veritas Wine Awards 2015 – Gold
Michelangelo Wine Awards 2015 – Double Gold
Platters Guide 205 – 4 Star
Legend Chenin Blanc 2015 Michelangelo Wine Awards 2016 – Platinum
Platters Guide 2016 – 4 Star
Legend Chenin Blanc 2016 Standard Bank Chenin Blanc Top 10 Wine Awards 2017 – Top 10
Legend Chenin Blanc 2017 SAWi Wine Awards 2019 – Platinum

The Legend Collection’s ‘Best Barrels Selection’ Pinotage 2019 originates from Windmeul Cellar’s Reserve Pinotage’s barrels. Since its 2006 harvest, the Pinotage Reserve featured among the 20 best performing wines at the ABSA Top 10 Pinotage competition for 13 vintages consecutively. The Reserve ranked among the Top 10 wines eight times.

The Legend Collection’s Pinotage 2019 matured for 18 months in new small French oak barrels, factoring in the wine’s well-rounded taste, proving once again the appeal of Pinotage as a celebrated South African varietal. With extraordinary keepsake potential, its durable structure allows it to mature for 10 years. The wine’s bold palate lifted with a tinge of acidity adds to its lingering finish. Try it with game or venison, especially when included in traditional recipes shared with friends and family.

Windmeul Cellar’s The Legend Collection ‘Best Barrels Selection’ Pinotage 2019


Legend Collection Pinotage 2017 Michelangelo Wine Awards 2019 – Gold
ABSA Top 10 2020 – Finalist
Legend Collection Pinotage 2018 Michelangelo Wine Awards – Double Gold
ABSA Top 10 2020 – Top 10

A limited number of approximately 400 bottles of The Legends Collection’s Chenin Blanc 2019 and 500 bottles of the Pinotage 2019 are currently available. The Chenin Blanc is sold at R250 per bottle whereas the Pinotage is available for R350 a bottle.

A custom three-pack valued from R750 can be beautifully assembled in a special casing for courier and gifting. A wine club membership entitles you to a 10 percent discount.

The wines are available at Windmeul Cellar in Paarl and online.

For more information on The Legends Collection, follow this link or capture the below QR code for mobile access.

Editor’s Note: About Theunis Petrus Daniel (TPD) Briers (1929 – 2018)
Veteran Springbok player Theunis Petrus Daniel (TPD) Briers, also known as Theunis, was one such hero who helped put the stamp of approval on South Africa’s rugby vocation, as far back as the 1950s. Briers helped shift expectations and mindsets when the impossible could only be overcome by tangible proof of the possible.

Briers was born in 1929 in Agter-Paarl. He started playing professional rugby at a very young age and was soon dubbed the ‘Pearl of Paarl’ as he helped to hold the town’s flag high at national tournaments. His track record includes playing for the Western Province, after which he participated in test rugby for the Springboks. Although his sporting career was short-lived, a testament to his legacy was his performance playing right wing during the 1955 to 1956 rugby tour against the British Lions and All Blacks.

THE DEFENDER opecialist application for acne suferers who want to sunbathe! From the multi-million dollar turnover skin specialists BANISH ACNE. PROVIDING NEW BREAKTHROUGH TREATMENTS www.banish.com for adults and kids, & even babies! Protect yourself during exposure! Founded by lean leader Daisy Jing, YouTube vlogger who founded a now multi-million beauty product line named Banish As a mompreneur CEO.

This product is perfect to use by everyone (adults and kids, even babies), THE DEFENDER SPF 50 MINERAL SUNSCREEN > https://banish.com/products/the-defender-spf-50-mineral-sunscreen

SPF 50 facial sunscreen with skin blurring effect. Non greasy & gentle

A light and non greasy broad spectrum mineral sunscreen that’s great for everyday use.. Has a skin-like finish and doesn’t feel like anything is on your skin. Ideal for acne prone skin and made with organic ingredients to help your skin heal and fight off sun damage! Protect your skin with SPF 50 all day long so you can get the most out of your skincare.

Contains both non nano zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to reflect UV rays away from your skin.Fragrance Free – Benzone Free – Paraben Free

Why Sunscreen Is Important Each Day: UV damage accumulates with each exposure leading to more dark spots, fine lines, and loss of collagen in the skin. Prevent the damage with this gentle Sunscreen!

Size: 50ml

Key Ingredients Include:

Cucumber Fruit Extract

Hydrates and softens skin, diminishes pores, and has anti-inflammatory properties, perfect for those with acne prone skin.

Passion Flower

Contains several antioxidant compounds and lycopene, an antioxidant common to tomatoes.

Palmitoyl Peptides

Supports the synthesis of collagen and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Avocado Seed Oil

Helps moisturize and protects skin from UV rays and increases collagen metabolism. It also minimizes inflammation, perfect for those with acne prone skin.

Jojoba Seed Oil

Moisturizes dry skin and has antibacterial properties, perfect for eczema, acne and psoriasis.


Apply the sunscreen on your face and neck before sun exposure. Reapply every 2 hours or after swimming. Store at room temperature or lower and keep out of the sun.

Active Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide 7%, Zinc Oxide 7%, Mica 3%

“I am lean leader Daisy Jing, an OG YouTube vlogger who founded a now multi-million beauty product line named Banish https://banish.com/

As a mompreneur and CEO, I am proud to bootstrap my business that ranked #152nd fastest growing company in INC500 and to be included in Forbes 30 under 30. I am also a speaker who loves to share my knowledge and experience in business and marketing, which led me to have a TEDTalk

Growing up “ugly,”

I learned that a lot of the skincare products I use have harmful ingredients, such as fragrances or fillers, that break out my skin.. Out of frustration, I created my own skincare products in my kitchen, documented the whole process and progress on my YouTube channel, which now garners over 70M views. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLfpBAyfXl_2VTMigDlGonA)

Thankfully, my own products worked on me and my acne community of over 500,000 followers saw my huge development. They eventually encouraged me to launch my own skincare line. Fast forward to today, I and my diverse team focus on inspiring others and sharing a positive vibe all over the world. Together with the Banish Warriors https://www.instagram.com/banishwarriors/ and Soldiers, we join you in your skin journey.

BOOK: The Cheap Handyman: True (and Disastrous) Tales from a [Home Improvement Expert] Guy Who Should Know Better, by B.S. Harris

About the Book:

This Old House meets #HomeImprovementFails in this collection of laugh-out-loud essays, perfect for fans of Nick Offerman, CarTalk, or The Red Green Show..

“This book is all the fix-it you need for your hurt home improvement ego.” —Harrison Scott Key, Thurber-prize winning author of The World’s Largest Man

Meet Brian Harris, a (mostly) retired, self-proclaimed jack of all trades with a penchant for DIY and inventive money-saving schemes. Armed with a soldering gun, his trusty nine-foot ladder, and of course the handyman’s secret weapon—duct tape—Brian’s projects start out as simple chores: trim a tree branch, stain the cedar siding on his home…but all too often they end in costly disaster.

Sometimes he’s trying to do the right thing, like the time he wrecked his pool while saving some baby ducks. Often, he channels his inner MacGyver: he once taped his hockey skate back together so he could finish his rec-league game, only to get suspended for falling on the referee when it broke (again). But usually he’s just being, well, cheap! Like the time he inadvertently destroyed a $295 car key fob because he wouldn’t pay the (outrageous) $10 fee to have the battery professionally replaced.

In The Cheap Handyman, Brian anthologizes his hard-won wisdom, teaching us how (not) to cut down a tree, what to do if a stray cat has kittens in your HVAC system, three very incorrect uses for duct tape, the manifold hazards of pool maintenance, and more.

Filled with unforgettable true stories from the everyday life of an average guy just trying to save a few bucks, The Cheap Handyman is a delightful tribute to anyone who has ever thought, “Sure! I can do that!”

About the Author:

B.S. Harris is a father and husband, now retired from his “day job” but still finding ways to fill his days as a cheap handyman. He grew up in an average, hard-working home and was fortunate enough to earn a post-secondary degree. He is an amateur athlete and musician, and a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast. He and his very understanding family live in Southern Ontario, Canada.

High Peaks Formula+ Hemp Extract Pain Management Spray >>

Why it’s great:- With 300mg of CBD (Cannabidiol) enhanced with menthol and camphor extracts, this pain spray offers fast-acting pain management for joint and muscles aches and pains. Promotes healthy post-workout body recovery by restoring a homeostatic balance in your body’s pain management system.

– Easy-to-use and lightweight –
Approximately 150 sprays per 3oz bottle- Affordable price- only $19.99 per bottle!At High Peaks, we strive to promote overall wellness for the body and mind. Our Natural Hemp-Derived Cannabinoid Wellness Products are a great gift for any physically active dad looking for the best trends in body recovery! To learn more, please visit https://highpeaks.com/

The Complete Book of Ducati, 2nd Edition: Every Model Since 1946 ∙ By Ian Falloon ∙ Published May 31, 2022

From sporting single-cylinder bikes of the 1950s to high-performance sportbikes of today, this updated edition of The
Complete Book of Ducati Motorcycles showcases Ducati’s entire output.
Though legendary today, Ducati motorcycles began rather modestly, selling
motorized bicycles to impoverished residents of post-World War II Italy.
Today, Ducati is Europe’s premier manufacturer of high-performance street
motorcycles whose recent sales have risen year after year. Its svelte, hyperaccelerating sportbikes are two-wheeled wonders fluent in the language of
The Complete Book of Ducati Motorcycles, 2nd Edition details the Bolognabased company’s amazing chronology, from the 1950s to present day.
Presented chronologically and in encyclopedic form with gorgeous
photography and insights from Ducati expert Ian Falloon, the book offers
motorcycle enthusiasts a close look at the craftsmanship, power, and beauty
of these extraordinary motorcycles. The book features all the motorcycles
from Ducati’s storied history through 2022, including:
o Sporting singles of the 1950s and ’60s
o The groundbreaking Desmodromic 750 Super Sport
o The iconic Mike Hailwood Replica
o The stunning, Superbike-dominating 916
o Today’s hip Scrambler and epic Panigale superbike
This information-packed, lushly illustrated oversize volume is a must-have for all Ducatisti and a great gift for any
motorcycle enthusiast.
Ian Falloon was born in New Zealand and studied engineering and music at Victoria University, Wellington. After a
motorcycle accident brought an end to his career as a symphony orchestra oboist, he began writing articles about
motorcycles for magazines including Classic Bike, Cycle World, Motorcyclist, Two Wheels, Motorcycle Sport,
and Australian Motorcycle News. His first book, The Ducati Story, has run to several editions and has been published in
three languages. The success of The Ducati Story led to a series of Ducati books and histories of Honda, Kawasaki, BMW,
and Moto Guzzi motorcycles including Motorbooks titles The Complete Book of Ducati, The Complete Book of Moto
Guzzi, The Complete Book of Triumph Motorcycles, and The Art of Ducati. With an interest and passion spanning
decades, Ian now concentrates on collecting and restoring older Italian motorcycles, particularly Ducati, MV Agusta,
Laverda, and Moto Guzzi. He lives in Melbourne, Australia, and is ably supported in his projects by his family


With a signature slice and a unique smoking process, award-winning brand Smokin’ Brothers is redefining the smoked salmon market.

The next generation of salmon smokers include Vincenzo, Alessandro and Iacopo, the Smokin’ Brothers, who are on a mission to transform the way we eat smoked salmon and offer consumers nationwide a gastronomic taste experience.
Originally from Italy, Vincenzo, Alessandro and Iacopo, are three friends who share a passion for good food and a commitment to sustainable living.

Crafted in the heart of the Cotswold’s, the Smokin’ Brothers smokehouse is truly unique. The salmon itself is sourced from the last family-owned salmon farm in Scotland, which has strict standards, as much as any organic certified farm would. This is essential for Smokin Brothers, as the quality and sustainability of the raw material is a key element in their process.

Following the designs of a traditional Norwegian smokehouse, each side of salmon is hung and smoked in a blend of beech, oak and juniper using a ventilation system to emulate the traditional Nordic winds. With a constant flow of freshly pumped smoke steadily working its way around the salmon to infuse each piece.

Each side of salmon is then sliced using the Smokin’ Brothers signature sashimi slice, offering consumers the chance to enjoy the rich flavours and textures with every bite.

Smokin Brothers produce their salmon to work with people, they do not work with huge corporate companies, or boards of investors, that own the huge salmon production farms in Scotland.

Due to the unique smoking process, each part of the salmon gives customers a different flavour. The belly is rich and buttery, while the tail, with its lean flesh has an extra smoky flavour.

Smokin’ Brothers is the first smoked salmon brand in the world to create a full recyclable and compostable packaging, ensuring that sustainability is at the heart of what they do. The brand is dedicated to environmental responsibility and sources its salmon from the glacial Scottish depths.

The Smokin’ Brothers salmon is now widely recognised by many with chefs including Adam Handling, Gaetano Farucci and Ottolenghi championing its flavours. The full range is available to purchase via the website through www.smokin-brothers.com and prices start from £28. Additionally, Smokin’ Brothers offers weekly, fortnightly and monthly subscription boxes, delivering fresh smoked salmon straight to your door.

Vincenzo appeared on Gordon Ramseys new Future Food Stars, on BBC 1.

Flax Home Bedding Sets, $250+

Flax Home’s luxury linen bedding sets have everything your dad needs for quality rest. Dive into the deep end of luscious linen and get the complete Flax Sleep experience. Flax Home Sleep Sets are the perfect gift for Father’s Day. Flax Home also offers quality products for the bathroom, kitchen, and more, and all products are Oeko-Tex certified and ethically manufactured around the world.

Arey The System – $75+

This innovative, science-backed duo combats grey hair from the inside-out and the outside-in. The daily supplement Not Today, Grey ($34+) replenishes your body with the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that create an optimal environment for preserving natural hair color, while our proactive and clean topical serum To The Root ($41+) utilizes a clinically effective peptide that can slow grey hair growth and help with repigmentation, while also stimulating healthier, thicker, fuller hair- with the added benefit of panthenol for increased volume.

Mowbie, $29 – $50

For the dad who is a self-proclaimed expert at grooming. Mowbie’s range of multi-functioning tools would be the perfect gift for Father’s Day! Exclusively at Walmart.com, Mowbie’s 4 product offerings have everything for his face and body routine.

Breathe Sans – Air Purifier, $359.99

Every dad wants the latest in tech for their home. Make sure he is breathing the cleanest air with the Sans HEPA 13 air purifier. With coverage of 1560 sq. ft./hour, and its sleek design, it is the perfect addition to her home and will help her stay healthy. Using SmartPure technology it constantly monitors the air in your space and adjusts the triple-filtration accordingly, providing real-time insight into your air quality with the digital AQI (Air Quality Index) display.

Deia Sexual Wellness Devices, $99 – $169

Deia’s universal collection of sexual wellness devices is a gift that benefits the couple. The Deia range is meticulously curated to spark curiosity and deliver the utmost satisfaction with advanced technology. The collection will help her unwind, or you can use them together to realize your deepest desires and build a deeper connection. The Deia range is made with only the highest-quality materials and all products are unique from one another, providing different styles and fits: The Wearable ($169), The Feather ($99), The Couple ($169), The Wand ($109), The Hot & Cold ($139) and The Arouser ($109).. Amazon storefront

Flax Home Bedding Sets, $250+

Flax Home’s luxury linen bedding sets have everything your dad needs for quality rest. Dive into the deep end of luscious linen and get the complete Flax Sleep experience. Flax Home Sleep Sets are the perfect gift for Father’s Day. Flax Home also offers quality products for the bathroom, kitchen, and more, and all products are Oeko-Tex certified and ethically manufactured around the world.

Arey The System – $75+

This innovative, science-backed duo combats grey hair from the inside-out and the outside-in. The daily supplement Not Today, Grey ($34+) replenishes your body with the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that create an optimal environment for preserving natural hair color, while our proactive and clean topical serum To The Root ($41+) utilizes a clinically effective peptide that can slow grey hair growth and help with repigmentation, while also stimulating healthier, thicker, fuller hair- with the added benefit of panthenol for increased volume.

Mowbie, $29 – $50

For the dad who is a self-proclaimed expert at grooming. Mowbie’s range of multi-functioning tools would be the perfect gift for Father’s Day! Exclusively at Walmart.com, Mowbie’s 4 product offerings have everything for his face and body routine.

Breathe Sans – Air Purifier, $359.99

Every dad wants the latest in tech for their home. Make sure he is breathing the cleanest air with the Sans HEPA 13 air purifier. With coverage of 1560 sq. ft./hour, and its sleek design, it is the perfect addition to her home and will help her stay healthy. Using SmartPure technology it constantly monitors the air in your space and adjusts the triple-filtration accordingly, providing real-time insight into your air quality with the digital AQI (Air Quality Index) display.

Deia Sexual Wellness Devices, $99 – $169

Deia’s universal collection of sexual wellness devices is a gift that benefits the couple. The Deia range is meticulously curated to spark curiosity and deliver the utmost satisfaction with advanced technology. The collection will help her unwind, or you can use them together to realize your deepest desires and build a deeper connection. The Deia range is made with only the highest-quality materials and all products are unique from one another, providing different styles and fits: The Wearable ($169), The Feather ($99), The Couple ($169), The Wand ($109), The Hot & Cold ($139) and The Arouser ($109).. Amazon storefront

Prezzee’s digital gift cards

Prezzee’s digital cards can be personalised with video, audio and images, and they come in a range of Father’s Day designs. They can be redeemed at over 120 outlets including ASOS, Deliveroo, John Lewis, Virgin Experience Days and more.

This makes them the perfect gift for any rugby supporting fathers out there, not only to avoid potentially buying them rugby merch they already own (I’ve been bought Nigel Owens’ autobiography on three separate occasions now) but even giving them the option to choose their own rugby-inspired experience day, such of tours of grounds around the UK.

Cheese for Dad – NEW Father’s Day Gift Selections from Paxton & Whitfield

In its 225th birthday year, the UK’s oldest cheesemonger, Paxton & Whitfield has released three, new contemporary cheese collections – designed to be the perfect Father’s Day gifts.

Father’s Day gift hunters can select from the Father’s Day Cheese Treats, the Cheese for Beer or the June Cheese Treats to celebrate Dads in the UK.

Dan Bliss, cheese buyer for Paxton & Whitfield, says: “Father’s Day hasn’t quite been the same over the last two years, so for a restriction-free celebration with our Dads this year, we’ve created this great selection. It includes our new gift pack, the ‘Cheese for Beer’ box. Cheese and beer pairing has grown in popularity over the years and there’s a great history to cheese and beer being enjoyed together in the UK. From the tradition of monasteries creating their own cheese and beer, to using beer to wash and preserve cheese, all the way through to the classic marriage of beer and cheese being enjoyed in a ploughman’s during harvest times. Cheese and beer is a classic, that Dad can now enjoy on the 19th June.”

All the gift packs feature re-usable ice packs and 100% sheeps’ wool insulation for a chilled delivery and a free Paxton & Whitfield gift card; printed with the customer’s personal message.

Everything listed is available from www.paxtonandwhitfield.co.uk.

NEW Father’s Day Cheese Treats (£30/ price includes free UK delivery) Presented in a sustainably sourced, Paxton & Whitfield gift box. It contains:

• Paxton & Whitfield Hundred Dram (200g, Pasteurised, Vegetarian Rennet) A creamy and soft textured cheddar. Made using traditional methods in the West Country with milk from West Country herds.

• Paxton & Whitfield Mini Waxed Stilton PDO* (255g, Pasteurised, Vegetarian Rennet) Paxton’s finest English Stilton in an iconic, miniature form. Coated in wax to maintain the quality of the cheese for longer.

• Paxton & Whitfield Cornish Buttermilk Artisan Biscuits for Cheese (100g) Crisp, wholemeal biscuits for cheese – enriched with Cornish Buttermilk & Whey. These delightful biscuits are perfect to accompany artisan cheese.

• Paxton & Whitfield Apple & Quince Confit (120g) Hand made in the Pyrenees and brimming with juicy apples. Mellow and sweet for a classic pairing with cheese.

• Paxton & Whitfield Beech Wood Cheese Board Perfectly sized so that Dad doesn’t have to share! This dinky cheese board is something for Dad to keep long after the rest of the other contents have been devoured.

NEW Cheese for Beer (£45 / price includes free UK delivery) Dan Bliss, cheese buyer for Paxton & Whitfield, says

“Whilst wine and cheese may be thought of as the classic pairing, cheese and beer can be equally delicious. With many different styles of cheese and beer, the possibilities are endless. The key to a great pairing is to think about the flavour profiles and find harmonious and similar tasting notes.” The Cheese for Beer box contains:

• Mini Maida Vale (180g, Thermised, Vegetarian Rennet) A semi-soft, washed rind cheese, made from Channel Island cows’ milk and washed with Treason IPA from Uprising Brewery in Windsor. The IPA beer helps to promote a pungent, tangy flavour in the cheese, whilst maintaining a buttery texture.

Montgomery’s Cheddar (250g, Unpasteurised, Traditional Rennet) Rich, savoury and nutty. A classic West Country Cheddar made by Jamie Montgomery in North Cadbury with raw milk, hand selected for Paxton & Whitfield.

Pennard Ridge (250g, Pasteurised, Vegetarian Rennet) A hard goats’ milk cheese with an open texture & a fresh flavour developing to show fruity hints & nutty ending. Made by Philip and Anita of The Somerset Cheese Company.

No 93 Ale (x 2 500ml Bottles) A superb ale of great character. Golden colour with a spicy hop character, soft fruitiness and some strength. A great partner to cheese.

Paxton & Whitfield No 93 Ale Chutney (198g) A handmade fruit chutney married with Paxton and Whitfield’s very own English real ale. Packed full of Bramley apples and plums, along with a good slug of real ale.

Paxton & Whitfield Wholegrain Oatcakes (200g) A delicious wholegrain oatcake for cheese, fine-milled for a delicate and crispy crunch. Handbaked by our artisan bakers in Scotland.

NEW June Cheese Treats (£60/ price includes free UK delivery) Featuring three seasonal artisan cheeses; made by award-winning cheesemakers, moreish Paxton’s Artisan Biscuits for Cheese and Oatcakes, Pear & Vanilla Confit, irresistible Sea Salt Fudge, and a bottle of Paxton’s beautifully fruity Cote de Duras Merlot Cabernet.

• St James (250g, Unpasteurised, Traditional Rennet) A washed-rind Ewes’ Milk cheese which has a savoury and creamy flavour and a springy texture. This cheese has deep malty notes from the rind and a pleasant milky freshness from the paste The rind contributes an earthy and nutty flavour.

• Colston Basset Stilton (250g, Unpasteurised, Vegetarian Rennet) Colston Bassett is an award-winning blue Stilton cheese that is creamy in colour and has blue veins running throughout. The texture of this delightful cheese is smooth with an enjoyable mellow flavour, without a sharp acidic taste.

• Westcombe Cheddar (250g, Unpasteurised, Vegetarian Rennet) A traditional handmade Cheddar, with a deep complex flavour. The cheese has a mellow lactic tang and long notes of citrus, hazelnut and caramel. The texture is structured and firm, with a smooth breakdown that keeps the flavours lingering on your palate.

• Paxton & Whitfield Cornish Buttermilk Artisan Biscuits for Cheese (100g) Crisp, wholemeal biscuits for cheese – enriched with Cornish Buttermilk and Whey. Specially hand-made for Paxton & Whitfield by an artisan bakery in the heart of the West Country; containing no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and no GM ingredients.

• Paxton & Whitfield Traditional Wholegrain Oakcakes for Cheese (200g) These delicious wholegrain oatcakes are fine milled with a delicate and crispy crunch for a satisfying pairing with artisan cheese.
• Paxton & Whitfield Pear & Vanilla Confit (120g) Handmade in the Pyrenees, this confit has the traditional flavour of pear, with a hint of vanilla. A deliciously sweet pairing with artisan cheese.

• Paxton & Whitfield Sea Salt Fudge (150g) Paxton & Whitfield fudge is handmade in the Cotswolds. Made to a traditional butter fudge recipe, it has a satisfying melt-in-the-mouth consistency and a hint of sea salt, giving it a richer, caramel flavour.

• Paxton & Whitfield Cote De Duras Merlot Cabernet (750ml) Youthful fruit characterises this wine, balanced by depth of flavour making it an excellent wine for all occasions.

* PDO – Protected Designation of Origin, for products that are produced, processed and prepared within a particular geographical area, and with features and characteristics that must be due to that area.

Urban is a massage delivery app on a mission to make city life better. It’s the easy way to book massage,
beauty and physio treatments direct to your door in just 60 minutes, all delivered by fully-equipped,
pre-vetted professionals.
Founded by Jack Tang and Giles Williams in 2014, Urban brings a human touch to city life. Literally with
massage, but in the way they do business too. With Urban, self-employed therapists take home at least
70% of the treatment fee and are empowered to work on their terms.
Operating in London, Paris, Manchester and Birmingham, bookers can access the treatments they need
with no waiting and no travel time. A deep tissue massage, a Dermalogica facial or a gel manicure:
they’re all available in the comfort of your home from 7am-11pm daily.
With over 350,000 five-star ratings on massage alone, Urban’s fast-becoming a cult secret for fans of
self-care. Download the app today and discover a calmer, happier city life.
*Beauty and physiotherapy services available in London only.
Download the Urban app or book at urban.co

Keeping tune of a significant Father’s Day present for a dad is probably a challenge, mainly when you have no concept what he truly cares approximately. Here are a few examples of fashions for some thing comparable.
Assuming he like every matters travel, get him the large Fairmont Grand through Nature cappuccino book, which takes you on a guided excursion of Fairmont accommodations and resorts, in addition to the Pavilion, Fairmont Banff Springs, and lots more.
Leatherology’s eye veil, which may be personalized together along with his initials and is product of leather-based with a supple adjustable lash, will allow him loosen up in minutes.
He may not must fear approximately changing liquid-primarily based totally lighters or fits with a battery-powered lighter.

Time Power Family Calendar:
The Time Power Family Calendar is a jumbo size dry erase family calendar designed by a parent and time management expert!
It is a Simple and Fun Way to Tame the Chaos and Overwhelm While Bringing Your Family Closer Together.
Honor Your Time, Find the Beauty in Every Moment.
Enjoy having all your scheduled activities in one place where everyone can see it and join in on the planning and excitement.
Family Calendar includes:
• Dry-erase Whiteboard Calendar (size: 4 feet long x 1 foot high)
• 5 different Color Dry-Erase Markers
• 2 Magic Dry Erasers
• Pouch to hold the markers and erasers
• 8 damage-free mounting strips to easily adhere to the wall
• Access to YouTube Channel with tutorial videos for setting up and making the best use of your family calendar

For active dads, Stubble & Co’s stylish and sustainable bags are the ideal go-to Fathers’ Day gift.

Active dads: The new Stubble & Co Roll Top MINI £95

Perfect for those go anywhere, do-anything dads – and particularly those keen on cycling – Stubble’s latest offering is a must-buy gift. Lightweight, waterproof, and made from built to last recycled materials, this new stylishly compact backpack has been designed with cycling in mind. Available in All Black, Arctic White, Tasmin Blue and Urban Green, it’s super comfortable, with a breathable and cushioned back panel and ergonomically designed straps. It also has a reflective trim, base and logo with sealed seams bike light anchor point and ultra-reliable, water-resistant zips.
Other features include a roll top cover with G clip for quick and secure access, a top grab handle and compartments for all daily essentials including a direct access 13” padded laptop compartment, two side pockets for a water bottle, umbrella, or bike lock as well as a vertical outer pocket and an inner zipped and mesh pockets ideal for a charger and other valuables. Capacity: 14L Weight 0.8kg Dimensions: W 28 x H 41 x D 12cm
Daily Essential: The NEW Stubble & Co Backpack £105

Packing for those ‘you never know’ necessities is what dads’ do best and Stubble & Co’s NEW Backpack is 25% bigger than its predecessor, so ideal for fitting everything in on those out and about days. Rain resistant too as it’s made with British Millerain Tekwax® canvas, the backpack’s minimal design also features a G-clip closure for quick and secure access as well as a simple draw string. Super comfortable with a breathable and cushioned back panel plus ergonomically designed straps make it ideal for all-day adventures. Other design features include two side pockets sized for 500ml water bottle or umbrella, a vertical outer pocket with inner zip pocket for valuables and top grab handle. The product is available in olive green, black and pirate grey, with black trim and zips. Capacity: 21L Laptop size: 16-inch Weight: 1.0kg Dimensions: 31 x 49 x 13 cm
Short break in a bag: The Stubble & Co NEW Weekender £185

Sometimes dads need to get away, right? Built for short breaks, Stubble’s new XL Weekender is made from water-repelling British Millerain Tekwax® canvas, now with extra space for all that short break adventuring. Available in four colours, pirate, all black, navy and olive The Weekender XL costs £185. As well as a roomy 60L capacity, the bag’s thoughtful design mixes comfort with performance and practicality and features a handle that’s the perfect length, two internal mesh pockets; a safe and secure inner pocket for valuables plus a quick access outer slip pocket. Solid brass studs on reinforced base and quality leather trims finish the stylishly classic look. Millerain Tekwax® canvas is free from ‘forever chemicals – meaning it is better for the environment. Capacity: 60L Weight 1.7kg Dimensions: W 61 x H 35 x D 29 cm
For more information visit www.stubbleandco.com
As a brand, Stubble & Co upholds ethical and sustainable practices at every stage of its process. Its sustainability credentials include designing durable, timeless bags, launching products made from recycled materials, offering an in-house repair service, offsetting its transportation carbon footprint and by using a zero carbon warehouse. All of its packaging is 100% recyclable too. For more information see here.

Every once in a while, you need to give Dad a “WOW” gift. Sure, they’ll love whatever you give them, but when you surprise them with something functional AND meaningful, it changes things. Check out Round Trip Studios’ Top 5 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2022 – you can order online: www.roundtripstudios.com

Idea #1: Foodie Props
If he’s proud of his work on the grill, get him a personalized serving board to show off his art! Perfect for any Dad but especially those that love to tempt us with mouth watering pictures on Instagram. Yum!
Idea #2: Personalized Golf Tees
An easy and unique add on to any Father’s Day gift. Engrave whatever you’d like! Make them all the same, or mix it up! Need some inspiration? Our most popular sayings are:
• For (Mike’s) Balls Only
• TEE-rrific Dad!
• FORE the best Dad!
• We (heart) you Dad!
• Happy Father’s Day!
Idea #3: 10 in 1 Multi-Tool
These compact tools are both useful and meaningful! We keep one in the car, in our hiking backpack, and in the tool box. They include a hammer, wire cutters, Phillips-head and flat head screwdrivers, pliers, file, saw blade, reamer, bottle opener and knife.
Idea #4: Personalized Hammers
Easily our most popular Father’s Day gift for families with young kids! A personalized engraved hammer is both functional and meaningful. To make this gift extra special, have your kids write their own message for dad, or even just sign their name! Just take a picture with your phone and upload it when you order. We’ll do the rest.

Idea #5: Engraved Guitar Picks
Be their muse with custom engraved guitar picks. These solid wood picks are meant to make beautiful music! Available individually or in a pack of three for those that have more to say

Father’s Day 2022: The Best Hand-crafted Gift Ideas

From a woolly replica of themselves, to knitted ties and crochet slippers

LoveCrafts offer how-to’s, patterns and kits to create a truly unique Father’s Day present

Searching for fun Father’s Day gift ideas? Look no further! Whether the father figure in your life is your father, your brother, your uncle, your grandfather, or a good friend, LoveCrafts.com – the UK’s leading craft supplier – has heaps of inspiration for Father’s Day crafts – from a cosy pair of socks, to a woolly replica of themselves!

Knit Your Dad

Literally. Surprise the dad figure in your life with his very own mini-HE! This brilliant and fun pattern by Squibbly Bubs can be customised with 30 different hair and facial hair combinations so you can make yours a spitting image of the special father figure in your life. What more could he want?!

Gifts for Every Dad

Whether your dad’s a BBQ king, a total superhero, or a camping fanatic – LoveCrafts have an amazing array of homemade Father’s Day gifts for you to choose from.

Knit a Tie for Father’s Day

Ties might be the most cliche Father’s Day gift of all time, but a knitted one is far more out of the ordinary! Stitch up a tie in dad’s favourite colours to make a gift that’ll last a lifetime.

Handmade Accessories

Taking the time to make the dad in your life a hand-crafted gift is a gorgeous way to show you care. Accessories make fab projects for beginners or if you’re looking for a thrifty way to use your creativity on a budget. There are plenty of free patterns to try for all skill levels. From easy beanies to comfy slippers, face masks or snuggly socks why not personalise with his fave colours this Father’s Day!

About LoveCrafts:
LoveCrafts.com is the online home for makers. A place to find inspiration, learn new techniques, shop craft supplies, and connect with like-minded people around the world. Yarn, free patterns, needles, threads, fabrics, hooks, craft books and kits can all be found via the site. Whether someone’s a knitter, sewist, quilter or little-bit-of-everything crafter, they can discover the joy of making at LoveCrafts.com.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Perfume Direct
• Fragrances and gifts sets starting from under £25.00
• Great deals on designer scents and gift sets

A brand new fragrance is the perfect Father’s Day treat and a gift that he can use day after day. With great savings on best-selling designer scents and gift sets, here is PerfumeDirect.com’s edit of its top Father’s Day gift ideas guaranteed to get you in your dad’s good books this 19th June.

Gift ideas under £30
Abercrombie & Fitch Away Man Eau de Toilette, 30ml – £23.99
For the explorer in your life, the man who loves trying new experiences and travelling to new places. Fragrant, earthy and spicy thanks to pineapple, violet, ginger and sandalwood. Available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml.

Mont Blanc Explorer Eau de Parfum Men’s Aftershave Spray, 30ml – £25.99 (down from £36.00)
A daring aromatic scent for the adventurous man. Woody and earthy with a touch of leather and vetiver. Available in 30ml, 60ml and 100ml.

Jimmy Choo Man Eau de Toilette Men’s Aftershave Spray, 30ml – £25.99 (down from £32.00)
This scent embodies sophistication and confidence. It’s modern and fresh but also has woody base notes. The stylish bottle will look great in any bathroom, with its brushed silver and crocodile packaging. Available in 30ml, 60ml and 100ml.

Diesel Fuel For Life Eau de Toilette, 50ml – £28.99 (down from £51.00)
Wrapped in an authentic, rugged distressed pouch, this scent is energetic, mysterious and addictive. The fruity notes of raspberry and grapefruit are grounded in woody base notes of vetiver. Available in 50ml, 75ml and 125ml.

Gift ideas under £50
Dolce & Gabbana The One for Men Eau de Toilette, 50ml – £33.99
The D&G man in your life is charismatic and sophisticated, yet warm and masculine! Spicy coriander and basil act as a spicy heart on a woody base of tobacco, amber and cedar with a finishing touch of cardamom. Available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml.

Paco Rabanne Men’s Collection Miniatures Gift Set (4x 5ml) Minis – £45.99 (down from £50.00)

For the man who loves to change up his fragrances, this set includes miniatures of Paco Rabanne 1 Million Eau De Toilette, Paco Rabanne 1 Million Parfum, Paco Rabanne Invictus Eau De Toilette and Paco Rabanne Invictus Legend Eau De Parfum.

Calvin Klein Euphoria Men’s Eau de Toilette Aftershave Gift set with Aftershave balm – £48.99 (down from £69.00)
This gift set features a 100ml eau de toilette and a 20ml travel sized bottle as well as a soothing aftershave balm. The father figure in your life will love the woody fragrance of pepper and basil, underpinned with cedar and patchouli, a real treat this Father’s Day!

Gift ideas under £75

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Night Vision Eau de Toilette Aftershave Spray, 50ml – £57.99
This explosive scent is housed in a bottle shaped like an emerald green hand grenade. Freshness of crisp, green Granny Smith apples is contrasted with notes of tonka bean, almond, red chilli clove and nutmeg, creating a spicy, explosive experience! Available in 50ml and 90ml.

Hugo Boss The Scent Le Parfum for Him Eau de Parfum, 50ml – £59.99 (down from £62.00)
A leather fragrance with ginger, spicy and oriental top notes creating an addictive and alluring scent. Available in 50ml and 100 ml.

Hermes Terre d’Hermes Eau de Toilette Men’s Aftershave Spray, 50ml – £61.99 (down from £64.00)
An interesting and addictive fusion of bitter orange and grapefruit, middle notes of pepper, and a woody base of patchouli and cedar. Available in 50ml and 100ml.

For Perfume Direct’s full range of aftershaves and gift sets visit www.perfumedirect.com.

Away from the Ordinary, a company which specialises in unique Scottish experiences, has curated a whisky tasting pack which is an ideal gift for whisky lovers this Father’s Day. Entitled Old and Rare, this set more than lives it up to its name: Five meticulously distilled, refined, and aged Scottish whiskies are included – with the youngest being a dynamic 30-year-old dram, and the oldest being a powerful and iconic 50-year-old Speyside malt.

For those who are more interested in culinary experiences, the company also offers whisky paired with cheese or decadent Scottish chocolate. More information can be found at www.watchwithwhisky.com

For the dad who needs to relax:

Innovative CBD
A different way to enjoy all the benefits of Organic Full Spectrum CBD HEMP Oil – Lozenges! Available in 4 packs of 5mg pieces for easy micro-dosing. Just put one of them in your mouth and let all the potential of the purest CBD enter your body as the lozenges dissolve! It is made using their state-of-the-art CBD processing for purity + potency + quality + consistency. Available in Cherry, Key Lime, Lemon, Tangerine, Watermelon, and Peppermint.

For the techy dad:

SafeTrack GPS Tracker
SafeTrack is a real-time personal GPS tracking device powered by wireless 4G LTE technology. It’s small, lightweight, durable, and silent–you might even say it’s undetectable. The long battery life of this portable GPS tracker means you’ll never be without the knowledge you need to have true peace of mind. Perfect for Dad to keep tab on his valuables, and his loved-ones!
Retail: $24.99 for a one-time purchase, $24.99 billed monthly /amazon.com

For the dad who needs some new shaving supplies:

Frederick Benjamin
The Shaving Regimen
This system is specifically designed for those with sensitive skin by providing a smooth, hydrated surface to allow your razor to glide — not tug. Our no-foam, cooling aloe gel goes on clear for safe, shaving visibility (a.k.a you can see what you are doing!) And, our sting- and alcohol-free aftershave helps soothe the skin and prevent future razor bumps, ingrown hairs and razor rash.
Retail: $36.00/shop.frederickbenjamin.com

For the dad who has everything:

Every Man Jack
Collector’s Edition Marvel Body Kit
Perfect for any super-hero Dad! Every Man Jack has collaborated with Marvel to introduce four unique fragrance blends that capture the essence of each iconic hero: Spider-Man (Fresh Air: crisp air, green leaves with a touch of wild mint), Black Panther (Wakanda Herbs: lavender and clove), Iron Man (Crimson Oak: bergamot, oak and citrus) and Captain America (Winter Mint: spearmint, eucalyptus and lemon). These body washes are made with skin-saving formulations packed with powerful and effective plant-based ingredients that are gluten-free, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly.
Retail: $31.99/amazon.com

For the fashionable dad:

Vintage Foundry Co.
Men’s Holland Shoe
The Holland Shoe is a hip, hybrid-style lace up shoe with every element that Dad needs to go from work to play. A rich leather upper with a classic lace-up closure for an easy fit. Flat rubber sole with durable tread boasts a short stack heel at back. Soft leather lining for comfortable all-day wear.

LQR House’s SWOL Tequila

Made in limited batches, SWOL tequila quickly became successful.. it is so full of character. No wonder they’ve gained over 6.5 million views on #MysteryTequila, and sold over 1800 units totaling $139,253.86 revenue since inception.

Available now from https://cwspirits.com/

Their marketing team took the idea to make a tequila, completely designed and formulated the product, produced it in Mexico, imported it to be sold exclusively at CWSpirits, and marketed through the LQR
House affiliate network of social media influencers. See the range here > https://cwspirits.com/collections/swol-anejo-tequila

Sporty dads might have all the gear but how is his pant drawer looking? Chances are, one of his muscles isn’t enjoying the benefits of breathable, supportive and super comfortable kit…

New UK men’s underwear brand, Crossfly, boasts a unique and patented X-FLY system which enables quick and easy access to the crown jewels with a simple thumb swipe – a definite plus when you’re short on time.

The Crossfly Pro 7 is their sporty model, which comes complete with Crossfly’s unique Coccoon system to keep things gently but firmly cradled, chafe-free and all while having the added benefit of rather enhancing his silhouette. Anti-microbial fabrics keep things fresh and a no-budge ZeroFold 360 waistband stays comfortably in place, whatever his sport.

With the average man buying just 3.4 pairs of pants a year, Father’s Day is the perfect time to help him drop his old pant habit and sport a shiny new pair!
RRP: £24.99


The must-have foodie gift for dads this Father’s Day. The Cheese Connoisseur’s Handbook

The Cheese Connoisseur’s Handbook is the perfect gift for Dad this Father’s Day as it’s packed with cheese information to increase your
understanding and knowledge of cheese.

Author Svetlana is keen for the reader to learn more about cheese and what cheese is perfect for their palate and how to pair them with a
drink for any occasion.

The book is aimed at those wanting to learn about cheese or increase their cheese know how, the book contains something for everyone, in an
easy way to learn and enjoy cheese.

So at £12.99, this is a great gift this Father’s Day, you could even add the cheese to go with it.

The book is available via Amazon or on The Cheese Lady website https://thecheeselady.co.uk/

Treat your dad with the help of Amazon Devices this Father’s Day June 19th 2022 (buy now to avoid the dissapointment of unavailable products)

Father’s Day is June 19th 2022, and here are details of Amazon’s Echo Studio (£189.99), Fire TV Stick (£39.99), and Echo Buds (£109.99) as gifts that stand out from the crowd and go beyond a new tie.

Echo Studio, with its five speakers for added bass, clarity and depth, is the perfect option for audiophile dads. Whether they love old school tunes from their youth or the latest Top 40, Echo Studio uses Dolby Atmos technology and even adapts to any room by sensing the acoustics of the space so he can hear Rolling Stones or Drake at their best. He can even ask Alexa to play music, read the news or answer questions from the comfort of his chair. Plus, he can use his Alexa devices like an intercom to make requests to any room in the house or even make calls to loved ones with Drop-In and Announcements.

For any busy dads on the go, Echo Buds makes a great gift so they can listen to music, podcasts or stay connected to friends and family, while on the move. Amazon’s wireless earbuds have active noise cancellation and Alexa built-in, making them the perfect earbuds to help you block any noise and enjoy some ‘quiet time’ away from the kids. Small, light, and comfortable, they have up to five hours of music playback on a single charge so you can be on the move for longer.

Fire TV Stick, lets you watch thousands of movies and TV episodes, including favourites from Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+, NOW and more.* Perfect for film and TV buffs, dads can search and play content using the Alexa voice remote by simply asking phrases like “Alexa, find dramas”, and control playback and settings through asking “Alexa, pause” and “Alexa, volume up” to make streaming your favourite shows even easier. Plus, you can plug it directly into an HDMI port, tucked neatly behind your TV, so you can access your content wherever you go and even take it on holiday. Treating dad to a takeaway, but don’t want to miss either film or food? By connecting your Fire TV to a Ring Doorbell Wired (£49.99), you’ll spot your delivery on your TV simply by asking Alexa to show the live view of your front door.

FOR FATHER’S DAY 2022…Give the gift of quality time with daddy-o this Father’s Day with Ticket To Ride by Asmodee!


Did you know that the first ever Father’s Day was celebrated on 19th June 1910? This Father’s Day, show your old man (or father figure in your life) some appreciation by spending some quality time with the family over Ticket To Ride!

Let’s honour fatherhood and paternal bonds, as well as the influence of fathers in society by giving them time off just to play games and have fun. While it’s notoriously difficult to shop for gifts for Father’s Day (they seem to have everything!), Ticket To Ride will guarantee a good time for fathers and all their loved ones!

Ticket To Ride

Ticket to Ride can be learned in under 15 minutes. Players collect cards of various types of train cars they then use to claim railway routes in North America. The longer the routes, the more points they earn. Additional points come to those who fulfil Destination Tickets – goal cards that connect distant cities and to the player who builds the longest continuous route.

Choose from the original game with over 10 million sold worldwide or New York, London and United Kingdom. Suitable for 2-5 players and age 8+. One game takes around 30-60 minutes.

Scrub, are a Nottinghamshire based business hand making bath, body and home fragrance products 🥰


“Scrub’s slice is right- and the price is pretty damn right too! Our handmade, hand cut and finished soap bars are always the right choice and are kind to the wallet as well as your skin!
Scrub’s slice is right is becoming our new tag line here at Scrub! Because who didn’t use to love Bruce’s price is right?? Are we showing our age now? But not only are our slices of gorgeous soap right, so is our price!

If you haven’t seen our soaps yet then head to our website now by clicking here and check out the huge range of different handmade beauties on there.

If you have tried our soaps before then you will know the joy they bring!! Our soaps are made with a base of shea butter. This shea butter is responsible for leaving your skin feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom!

Our hand sliced soaps are big chunky slices of yumminess and start at only £7 for a box of 3! How great is that! We told you the price is also right!

See the full story @ :- https://www.scrub-scrub.com/scrubs-slice-is-right/

Prime Mind

Late nights trying to get all your work done can be a thing of the past with Prime
Mind! Prime Mind is a cognitive enhancing supplement designed for pure mental
performance, when you need it most! Made with a blend of nootropics and natural
ingredients, Prime Mind enhances cognition by supporting neurotransmitter
production, increasing cerebral blood flow and enhancing NGF as well as BDNF
Benefits include improved memory and learning, enhanced cognition and brain
health and improved cerebral blood flow.

Kimera Koffee

Kimera Koffee is infused with top-quality nootropic ingredients that will
synergistically work to optimise focus, cognition, and physical performance.
Available in 5 different blends, Kimera Koffee is the perfect way to start your day
the optimised way.
The best-selling Original Blend offers a delightful fusion of organic Brazilian coffee
beans and brain vitamins which include Taurine, Alpha GPC, DMAE and LTheanine. This medium roast features balanced and straightforward aromas and
flavor notes with the faint chocolate hints we all know and love.

TrueDark® Twilight Glasses Fairlane

TrueDark® Twilight Glasses red-to-amber gradient lenses provide junk light
protection after the sun goes down. They are darker on top to protect against harsh
junk light as well as with distance glare. These are ideal for initializing your winding
down routine after a long day.
Your TrueDarks tell your body it’s dark, helping you get ready for a great night’s
sleep. You can still see to read, watch TV or work on your computer/tablet/phone,
while your sleep hormones shift to night mode. When your head hits the pillow,
you’ll fall asleep quickly and sleep more deeply.

AiroFit Active

If you want to improve your health, overall well-being and physical performance
through guided fundamental breathing exercises, then the Airofit Active is the
perfect tool for you!
The Airofit Active is simple and effective. It provides adjustable airflow resistance to
your breathing muscles, making them faster, stronger, and more efficient.
Just like any other muscle group, your breathing muscles respond to resistance
training – and that is exactly what Airofit does. It’s like taking your diaphragm to the
gym. As you start training the diaphragm, you can breathe deeper, your breathing
rate decreases, and so does your heart rate.

Make Sure Dad is Beach Body ready for Father’s Day by supplementing his fitness with grweat nutrition >>> Warrior www.teamwarrior.com They Do Variety Packs!

Warrior CRUNCH Variety Pack:
Warrior CRUNCH is a low carb, high protein, snacking bar, that comes in a wide range of deliciously rich, mouth-watering flavours, Choc Chip Cookie Dough, Banoffee Pie and Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake. Each bar is comprised of crispy layers of gooey caramel, wrapped in decadent chocolate, for ultimate pleasure and enjoyment. RRP: £19.95, www.teamwarrior.com and select leading retailers

Warrior RAW Cookies & Cream:
The Warrior RAW protein flapjacks contain 8.5g of fibre and just 3.7g sugar per flapjack. With mouth-wateringly tasty flavours, Cookies & Cream, Red Velvet Cake and Chocolate Peanut Butter, you can rest assured in knowing each bite is worth every second and can contribute towards your fitness regime. RRP: 11.99 for a pack of 12 flapjacks, www.teamwarrior.com

Unleash Hell! – Warrior Supplements are the most powerful supplements in the world.

Green Fingered Father’s Day Gift Idea

He helped you to grow, so now is your chance to help him grow … his very own herbs and vegetables!
Why not say thank you to your dad this Father’s Day with something a little different. Shelve the slippers and chocolate idea and take a look at these great eco-friendly selection boxes, beautifully packaged containing quality complimentary seed mixes.
If your dad is a complete novice gardener, a seasoned pro, or simply just enjoys being outdoor, we can guarantee that he will get a kick out of growing his own produce, especially knowing that it was bought especially for him.
SeedCell® contains 12 plantable pods, full of seeds. All that is required is a pot and some compost, and your dad can get started on his green fingered journey to growing his own herbs and vegetables, with zero mess made and no tools required.
Available in various different themes, from salad patch and cocktail botanical seed boxes through to vegetable patch and tomato selection, we are confident that your dad may just gravitate towards Seedcell’s® more macho packs including burger toppings and chilli selection!
So if you are looking for something a little out the box – that is in a nicely packed box and very easy to gift – Seedcell® is the perfect gardening range for your dad to get hours of enjoyment from.
SeedCell® selection boxes are available in a wide range of retailers including Asda, Dobbies and growsowsimple.com/seedcell/. The boxes retail for £14.99.


Whilst the belief that Dads are difficult to buy for leads many to socks, slippers, and scents at Father’s Day – chances are he’s already got enough to get by, and there are much more inspiring and exciting gifts to honour your old man with.
So rather than helping him stock up on staples that sit inside a drawer, or gather dust in a cupboard, why not show your appreciation with a little something that he will enjoy time after time? Look no further for all the inspiration you need…

For the luxury whisky-loving Dad…
The Dalmore 21-Year-Old **embargoed until Monday, 2nd May 2022**
Sweet and warming with a touch of gentle spice, this special edition spirit is quite the coup for any whisky connoisseur’s collection.
Matured in exquisite 30-Year-Old Matusalem oloroso sherry casks unique to The Dalmore, the new offering – available from the finest retailers worldwide from May – typifies the inextricable affinity between The Dalmore and sherry.
A feast for the senses, the liquid is a symphony of the signature Dalmore DNA of oranges, bitter chocolate and gentle spices, masterfully layered with Black Forest Fruits and sweet liquorice, walnuts and marzipan on the palate, gliding to a long and lingering finish of peaches, ginseng, pear tarte Tatin, and Sanguillo blood oranges.
Presented in a smart navy display case worthy of a masterpiece, The 2022 birth date is etched on each bottle and will take pride of place in Dad’s drinks cabinet.
The Dalmore 21-Year-Old will be released via the luxury retail emporiums globally. RSP: £575. For more information, visit www.thedalmore.com.

The Dalmore King Alexander III
The epitome of handcrafted excellence, The Dalmore King Alexander III is named for the momentous events that culminated in the use of the 12-pointed royal stag emblem on every bottle.
Under the watchful eye of The Dalmore’s Master Distiller, the spirit is initially matured in American white oak ex-bourbon casks, giving its first base of soft vanilla and honey notes. The whisky is then carefully apportioned between casks which have held 30-year-old Matusalem oloroso sherry and Tawny Port pipes, before being brought back to together to harmonise in a first-fill ex-bourbon cask, creating something truly exceptional.
Time has gifted this whisky with aromas of exotic fruits whilst Madagascan vanilla pods, thick treacle toffee and chocolate truffles delight the palate. Maple syrup, bitter chocolate and spiced gingerbread combine to create a masterful finale befitting of this exceptional whisky.
Available to purchase from retailers across the UK, including The Whisky Exchange, Master of Malt and The Whisky Shop. RSP: £180

For the discerning Dad…
Fettercairn 12-Year-Old
Matured in American White Oak ex-bourbon barrels for 12 years, the 12-Year-Old Fettercairn is packed with tropical flavours without losing the brand’s signature weightiness and gentle gingery spice.

The liquid is the colour of sunlight and amber honey with vanilla, pear, and soft spices on the nose. Refreshing notes of nectarine, tropical fruit, and roasted coffee shape the taste, with memorable flavours of sultanas and black toffee to finish off the flavour.

Perfect for inquisitive and open-minded whisky drinkers, the 12-Year-Old should be enjoyed straight, before being sipped with a splash of cold water that opens up the spirit to bring out its signature flavour and aromas.

The 12 Year-Old-Fettercairn is available in 70cl from retailers around the UK, including The Whisky Shop. RSP £46. For more information, visit www.fettercairnwhisky.com

For the Dad with a refined taste…
Jura 14-Year-Old
Matured in American white oak ex bourbon and hand selected American Rye Barrels, Jura’s 14-Year-Old single malt delivers on depth and complexity with layered spice, aromatic, herbal, and floral qualities.
The whisky’s palate reveals the richness of toffee apple and warmth of pecan pie with layer of cinnamon, vibrant vanilla, honey cacao and hazelnut. Developing into a long, warm, and nutty finish with notes of maple syrup, toffee, guava and soft wood spices on the tongue, the splendid dram is reminiscent of summer evenings on Jura Island, where the close-knit community of just 212 raise a glass after a busy day.
With scents of fresh citrus and vanilla character balanced with the herbal and floral aromas of the American Rye barrels, the flavoursome whisky is the perfect accompaniment for a trip down memory lane with Dad, helping create new traditions for which the bottle can be shared between loved ones.
Jura 14-Year-Old is available from retailers around the UK, including Master of Malt. RSP: £42.00. For more information, visit www.jurawhisky.com.

For the environmentally conscious Dad…

Flor de Caña 12 Year Rum
Carbon Neutral and Fair Trade certified, Flor de Caña is the go-to rum for parents that care about the planet. Flor de Caña 12 Year Rum is an exceptionally smooth ultra-premium rum for a truly memorable experience. From an 1890 family-owned estate, it’s made sustainably, distilled with 100% renewable energy and naturally aged in bourbon barrels without artificial ingredients or sugar. Full bodied reddish amber hues, tantalize Dad’s taste buds this Father’s Day with its enriched palate of wood, vanilla, and baked apples, that create a long, smooth and well-balanced finish. Perfect in a Rum Old Fashioned, or with a splash of premium sparkling water or ginger ale and an orange twist – there’s nothing rum connoisseurs will love more.
The Flor de Caña 12 Year Rum is available from retailers around the UK, including Waitrose, ASDA, The Whisky Exchange and Amazon. RRP: £35.00. For more information, visit www.flordecana.com.

Flor de Caña Eco Rum
When it comes to topping up Dad’s drinks cabinet this Father’s Day, Flor de Caña’s Eco Rum will not disappoint. This ultra-premium rum is sustainably made and packaged in sustainable materials. It’s naturally aged for 15 years in small, premium bourbon barrels at the foot of the San Cristobal Volcano located in the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’. The result is an opulent flavour that offers a full-bodied taste with notes of dark chocolate, vanilla, oak, caramel, roasted hazelnuts, and cinnamon that create a sultry and long-lasting finish that lingers on the palate. Enjoy on the rocks or in a premium cocktail, and raise a glass with your old man.
The Flor de Caña Eco Rum is available from retailers around the UK, including The Whisky Exchange. RRP: £40. For more information, visit www.flordecana.com.


Take your tastebuds to another level this BBQ season

Traeger Grills, the Salt Lake City based grilling gurus, have turned their expert hands to a range of rubs, shakes and BBQ tools designed to elevate all Dads to Pitmaster status this Father’s day.

A craftsman is only as good as their tools and Traeger’s selection of BBQ tools is about as expert as they get. The range includes extra wide spatulas to manage even the most substantial pieces of meat, and a pig tail shaped tool for moving meat, veg and anything else you’re cooking around the grill with ease, which are sure to help grill up a storm. Crafted from stainless steel, Traeger’s tools are durable and stand the test of time.

To add even more flavour to your favourite summer recipes this season, try Traeger’s range of rubs and sauces. Whether you’re cooking meat, fish or vegetables the range includes something for all taste-buds. From jerky, coffee and veggie rubs to a signature Traeger rub or the irresistible Apricot BBQ sauce, this tasty collection is sure to deliver BBQ perfection every time.

Traeger’s range of accessories, rubs, sauces and wood pellets are available from garden centres all over the UK including Riverside Garden Centre, Dobbies and The Orchard (Ireland). To find your nearest stockist visit www.traegergrills.com/uk/en/dealers

Believe It by Maddox Jones

“Maddox Jones continue on an upward trajectory to establish himself as an artist to watch, built on his emotive melodies and heartfelt messages.”- 1883 Magazine

Maddox Jones’ debut album ‘Believe It’ is a vigorous and heartening remodel of alt-pop, perfect to counterbalance a time of great uncertainty.

British singer-songwriter Maddox Jones continues to evolve his musical change of direction with his eagerly anticipated debut album, Believe It, scheduled for release on the 8th of April 2022 on Radikal Records. Having spent the start of his career playing in bands and collaborating with other artists, supporting the likes of Indie Rock icons such as The Killers and Placebo, Jones uses his past experience to cultivate this brand new alt-pop record.

Tracks bursting with vibrant colour, Believe It, is an uplifting and hopeful album where Jones delves into themes of becoming himself, falling in love as well as overcoming and battling with addiction. The album blends summery synth-washed pop with raw, stripped back, honest tracks, showcasing his singer-songwriter abilities. As it decisively twists and meanders along beautifully vulnerable lows and highs worthy of rolling down the car windows and singing down the back roads, Jones creates an album that goes quite a bit deeper than that, illustrating that there is more to discover beneath its surface. With tracks produced by the talented Dave Crawford and Louis Souyave, Believe It combines great songwriting with elements of dance and pop to new levels, creating a feel good 12 track record centered on personal growth.

Believe It includes three astounding singles, two of which were released during the course of last year and the current single Ready to Be Better, released on Friday the 18th February. The album opens with, Ready to Be Better, a moment of reflection and an awakening of the yearning to amend past mistakes. Flowing with catchy pop hooks, Ready to Be Better, opens up the album with a bang creating the perfect introduction for what’s to come. “I decided to write a song of exactly where I was at at that time. I looked at the time on my phone took a deep breath and let the words pour out of me.”

Filled with grooving baselines, a nod to Nile Rodger’s style of choppy guitars, and big gated-reverb drum fills, the exuberant Somewhere There’s a Plan (Believe It), puts a modern spin on 70’s Funk – a classic feel-good dance single that oozes with infectious melody. Written during lockdown, Jones’ wanted to bring a sense of elevating joy and assurance for these unprecedented times.

Make Me Yours unveils a darker, more mystical element in Jones’ songwriting. “Put your hands on my heart / You can leave your mark on me” Filled with allure this dance-pop anthem creates the seductive atmosphere of dimly lit strobes and smoky dance floors. Jones gives a few words on the track – “I’ve been discovering more and more that the dynamics in a relationship are not linear. One person is not in control, and there is so much to be learnt from being vulnerable and honest with your partner. This song is ultimately about letting go and trusting your partner is going to hold you when you need it most”. Other notable tracks on the album such as Magic, an energetic feel-good track about being hypnotized by someone’s trance, God Damn I’m Happy, a sweet light hearted love song and Power, an empowering song about really believing in your worth underscore that this deep album is loaded with many other potential future Singles.

Jones started his solo venture back in 2020 with the critically acclaimed EP, Headspace, reaching #4 in the iTunes Singer Songwriter Chart. A year after it’s release, Jones’ backed up the initial success of his debut EP, as his single Can’t Wait for the Summer hit the #1 spot on the same chart. Having already built a career that included four Top 40 hits as well as playing at Reading and Leeds Festival and Glastonbury with The Departure, Jones on his own has now gone on to being tipped as One to Watch in 2022 by BBC Introducing Northampton in addition to achieving #5 on the Commercial Pop and Upfront Club Chart with Make Me Yours.

Follow Maddox Jones
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Great gift suggestions to show Dads just how much you care. With gifts ranging from under £20 to £250, hopefully we have something, no matter what your budget is. Including turntables, rugged phones, eye massagers, back and feet massagers to let them relax, earbuds to listen to their favourite tunes and even a smart companion robot to reach out to loved ones.

There’s nothing quite like the warm sound of vinyl. Why not treat Dad so he can dust off the old records and give them a new lease of life? Added bonus – pop a pair of headphones on and he can drown out the family for a few minutes. Also, the Lenco LS-440 with built in speakers features Bluetooth so the entire family can stream their favourite music as well!
The Lenco LS-440 stylish turntables with four built in speakers – finished with beautiful fabric and available in blue/beige or grey. Available from Gear4Music and the Lenco website (Blue) Lenco Website (Grey) for £249.99.

The Lenco LS-440 BUBG Turntable with Speakers is a modern turntable with contemporary features to enjoy your favourite music in more ways than ever. With four integrated speakers (two 15-watt and two 10-watt), you can listen to your favourite music and hear it the exact way the artist intended. Delivering a balanced and powerful sound, you can fill your home or room. Ensuring you can play virtually any vinyl type whether that’s singles or LP’s, the LS-440 features a wide aluminium platter with two-speed settings of 33 1/3 and 45RPM.

A belt-driven turntable, the LS-440 comes equipped with a high-quality Audio Technica moving magnetic cartridge to ensure extremely high-fidelity audio quality. Using an MMC-style cartridge also helps to preserve the life of your vinyl. Controls such as the ‘pitch’ control allow you to manually adjust the playback speed to perfectly match your records and the ‘tone’ controls help you to dial in the highs and lows of your vinyl for that perfect listening experience.

A wide range of connectivity ensures no matter how you choose to listen to music, the LS-440 will be able to accommodate. A 3.5mm AUX input allows you to connect your smartphone, laptop or tablet directly for playback or alternatively, the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity allows you to stream hands-free! A headphones output lets you sit back and relax with your favourite albums without any disturbance and stereo RCA outputs mean you can connect to an existing Hi-Fi system for seamless integration.

Lenco LS-50LEDBK Turntable with Built-In Speakers and Lighting Overview – £149.99 from URBAN OUTFITTERS , GEAR4MUSIC and LENCO UK WEBSITE
High resolution imagery and product spec sheets can be found here

The Lenco LS-50LEDBK Turntable with Built-In Speakers and Lighting is a modern take on the classic vinyl turntable that not only sounds great but looks stylish and contemporary. Jam-packed with features, the Lenco LS-50LEDBK boasts a truly modern design with a set of integrated speakers to listen back to your favourite albums with 4 watts of power as well as a USB Encoding port, allowing you to connect your turntable to your PC and convert your vinyl to digital audio files for listening on the go.

With three speed settings of 33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM and 78 RPM as well as the ability to playback 7, 10 and 12-inch vinyls, you can playback even your most vintage of records from LP’s to EP’s and even singles. The belt-drive motor and MDF cabinet design give it that vintage feel, complete with modern components. Additionally, the turntable features an RCA line output and a spare stylus for added convenience.

Lenco LS100 Wood Turntable & Speakers – £119.99 from Lenco Website, HMV and Gear4Music

The Lenco LS-100 is a record player system with 2 separate wooden speakers. Enjoy listening to your vinyl in no time, with a quality turntable and an easy setup, via speakers. The speakers can also be placed separately from the player, ideal for a real stereo effect. You can easily switch from 33 to 45 rpm to play an LP or single! Thanks to the 2 separate wooden speakers, you can fill any room with music.
The record player also has Bluetooth so you can easily stream music from your smartphone.
With a beautiful dark wood design and removable dust-cover the turntable fits into any surrounding in your home. At Lenco, we understand how important it is to preserve your vinyl. The Lenco LS-100 is equipped with an auto-stop. This function causes the record to stop rotating and prevents scratches from occurring, allowing you to enjoy your precious records for longer.

Ugreen HiTune T3 True Wireless ANC Earbuds with Bluetooth 5.2 and AI Noise Reduction – Available in black and white for £35.99/$35.99 from Amazon, Amazon UK and the Ugreen website for £39.99/$39.99.

The HiTune T3 earbuds, which include the latest BES2500 chip and Bluetooth 5.2 to support faster transmission and quicker pairing, deliver an immersive sound thanks to the 10mm PU + wool composite dynamic drivers. The drivers offer a punchy and dynamic premium bass with high-resolution treble and greater soundstage without sacrificing mid and high tones. The T3 earbuds also offer feed-forward Active Noise Cancellation which can reduce ambient noise by 25 dB.
The ANC technology, developed by the HiTune Acoustics Lab, provides a ‘no pressure’ feel, allowing users to spend hours comfortably enjoying their music. The Real Voice 4.0 AI Algorithm environmental noise cancellation system, enables the T3 earbuds to effectively filter out 90% of external noise, making them ideal for commutes, the gym or conference calls. With the new transparency mode, surrounding sound is also able to be picked up and amplified through the microphones, allowing users to still hear important announcements or conversations without needing to remove the earbuds and interrupt their music.
Boasting one step pairing when the earbuds are removed from the case and auto reconnect every time after, the T3 are incredibly easy and convenient to use. They also feature touch controls including a single tap to play or pause music, next track/previous track (double tap r or l earbuds) and also the ability to turn on ANC and voice assistant without ever having to look at a phone. The charging case provides up to 24 hours playtime and the earbuds automatically turn off each time both are placed in the case to enhance battery life. The T3 earbuds themselves deliver up to 7 hours playtime on a single charge and can be fully charged in just 1.5 hours. If in a hurry for a quick gym session or run, 10 minutes charge gives 1 hour playback. The IPX5 splash and sweatproof rating further enhances the T3’s capabilities, making them perfect for sporting activity as well as general use.


JLab GO Air Sport true wireless earbuds – available in graphite, light blue, green, sand, teal and yellow from Argos, Freemans, Very and Amazon UK for just £29.99
High resolution imagery is available here

Power through your hardest or easiest workout. With 32+ hours of total playtime and our smallest sport fit ever, the GO Air Sport are mighty (and fun). Auto connect to your device to walk, run, HIIT or talk on-the-GO. The ergonomic earhook fits even the smallest ears and stay securely and comfortably in place.

Full track controls, call handling and smart assistant activation using touch sensor controls. Enjoy 3 built-in EQ settings to enhance your workout with IP55 sweat and water resistance for when you’re on the GO.

GO Air Sport features 8+ hours of playtime in each earbud and 24+ extra hours from the charging case (32+ hours total). Return to the case to recharge the buds, and use the integrated USB cable to charge the case.

With just a few taps via touch sensors, you can choose your sound preference: JLab Signature, Balanced and Bass Boost modes – without an app.An IP55 sweat resistance holds up against sweat and dirt, so hit the trails, the gym and more. The ergonomic earhook fits even the smallest ears and stay securely and comfortably in place. Try all sizes of the gel tips to get a secure fit and just GO.

RENPHO Smart Skipping Rope, Speed Jump Rope Counter, Adjustable Digital Jump Ropes Adult for Fitness, Crossfit, Workout, Gym, MMA, HIIT,APP Data Analysis for Indoor & Outdooor Exercise – £18.99 on Amazon

Smart skipping rope with counter: With speed jump rope with counter, you can get a more efficient, more low-cost, and happier cardio exercise. The jump rope is lightweight and portable, it can be flexibly used indoors or outdoors. Keep workouts, it will help you keep a fit body and effectively improve cardiopulmonary functions and endurance.
Reach fitness goal with digital APP Renpho Fit: Our fitness skipping rope can connect with our APP Renpho Fit that can easily analyze and track your periodic workout data. You can grasp your skip time, total skip number, calories burned, and tangles to reach your fitness goal at any time.
3 smart skipping rope modes: The workout skipping ropes have 3 skipping modes to choose from (Free Jump/Time Countdown/Numbers Countdown). Our jump rope is built-in chip and is equipped with 3 sensitive & precise Hall sensors that can count for every jumping data correctly and ensure data accuracy.
Adjustable PVC steel wire rope: The skipping rope counter adopts in 3M/9.85FT PVC steel wire rope that is durable and non-tangling. The PVC wrapped steel rope can be suitable for almost any kind of floor like concrete floor, floor tile, wooden, and cobbled road. No need for cutting and can adjust quickly.
RENPHO R3 3200rpm Handheld Percussion Muscle Massager with 2500mAh Battery and Type-C Charging for Muscle Pain Relief Recovery – £84.99 on Amazon.co.uk using £15 discount coupon currently available.

• HIGH SPEED 3200RPM/M BRUSHLESS MOTOR: Upgraded R3 Powerful Massage Gun is equipped with 16.8V brushless motor, which can reach 1800 to 3200rpm/min, available for different muscle groups, aiding in sore muscle relief, relax and shape different body muscle parts.
• SUPER QUIET LESS THAN 45dB: The brushless noise reduction motor is equipped with a new generation of noise reduction technology to control the noise within 45dB, just like whispering in the ear, making the fatigue and soreness of the body all resolved in the silent vibration, you enjoy a quiet moment of relaxation!
• 0.68KG SUPER LIGHT&ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Renpho Massage Gun weighs only 0.68kg,it’s much lighter than other massage guns in same size, makes it so easy to carry during the whole massage. Ergonomic design, all operations can be completed with only one button by yourself. You can even enjoy the deep tissue muscle massage independently with one hand.
• 2500mAh HIGH-CAPACITY LITHIUM BATTERY&10mins Auto-Off Protection: The muscle massage gun is equipped with a rechargeable 2500mAh high-quality lithium battery, providing stable lasting power. Once 3H charge brings an unfettered deep massage experience. 10mins Auto-off Intelligent timing protection avoids damage to muscles and bones due to too long massage time.
• SUPER CONVENIENT TYPE-C CHARGING PORT: No need carry the charging cable anywhere when you travel or just go out! This Renpho deep tissue muscle massage gun designed with type C charging port can be charged with most popular type c cable by regular phone adapter or 5V/2A adapter such as a power bank.

MuscleSquad 32.5kg Adjustable Dumbbell – £200 each or £400 for a pair from musclesquad.com

These high quality, heavy-duty, precision adjustable free weights allow you to easily shift from 5kg-32.5kg in 2.5kg intervals. Meaning a pair of these dumbbells is equivalent to a full set of 12 fixed dumbbells , representing a significant space & cost saving – close to 1m2 & well over £400.
Each dumbbell is precision engineered to allow you to quickly & easily change your resistance across 12 settings up to a maximum weight of 32.5kg; they represent the evolution of the old, spinlock style, adjustable dumbbells, removing the faff of dismantling the dumbbell to change weights and bringing it bang up to date – dock the dumbbell, turn the dial & pick up a different weight – simple & fast, an adjustable dumbbell that allows for drop sets! With such versatility, they provide the most flexible, cost effective strength training available, all encompassed in a tiny footprint.
The 32.5kg adjustable dumbbells come with their own dock to facilitate simple shifting and tidy storage, and are also compatible with our dumbbell stand if you wish to store them off the ground.


RENPHO Eye Massager with Heat, Air Compression, Wireless Music Rechargeable Eye Therapy Massager for Relieve Eye Strain Dark Circles Eye Bags Dry Eye Improve Sleep – £45.04 from Amazon

Renpho’s eye massage adopts kneading, trigger point comfort, oscillating pressure, and rhythmic percussion massaging. Built-in heating pads provide a comfortable temperature between 104 and 107 degrees Fahrenheit(40℃-42℃), better for relieving eye strain, eye puffiness, dry eyes, etc. Note 1: We do not recommend customers use Renpho eye massager if they have undergone eye operation, retina condition, cataract, glaucoma, and other eye diseases, etc.
RENPHO Neck Massager with Adjustable Strap, Shiatsu Back Massager with Heat, Electric Deep Tissue Shoulder Massager for Office Home Use. Available from Amazon for £31.99 using the £8 discount coupon currently live.

• Adjustable Strap & Premium Material. The massager is equipped with flexible arm straps that can be easily adjusted to create a fit that is “just right” for different human physiques to better target massage spot. Soft foam stuffed in the straps ensures a comfortable grip and Lycra fabric provides breathable comfort. Premium PU leather is skin-friendly and easy to clean with a simple wipe.
• 8 Shiatsu Nodes for Deep Tissue Massage. The ergonomic U-design and 8 deep-kneading nodes simulate human fingers to create a super comfortable deep tissue shiatsu massage. Use on your neck, shoulders, back, waist, abdomen, tights, calves and arms to relax your full body.
• Heating Function for Muscle Soreness Relief. The massager features optional heating function that provides a soothing temperature for better relaxation. Great to relieve muscle soreness and tension, knots, aches, release trigger points, and promote body circulation. The built-in 15-minute smart auto-off timer protects both the massager and your muscles from overheating.
• 3 Intensity Levels & 2 Changeable Directions. Enjoy a more personalized massage with 3 adjustable intensities and 2 directions. The massager will keep a shiatsu kneading massage in one direction until you want to change it, leaving you not to worry about a sudden direction change when find a perfect spot.
• Widely Used & Perfect Gift Choice. Feel free to have a professional shiatsu massage at home or in the office, saving your time and money. Also it is a perfect holiday or birthday gift to improve the wellness of your friends, family and loved ones.

RENPHO Foot Massager with Heat, Shiatsu Foot Massage Machine, Deep Kneading for Relieve Pains from Plantar Fasciitis and Tired Feet – Remote Control (Black) – £149.99 on Amazon.co.uk

• Massage the feet, relax the whole body. Renpho foot massager machine, equipped with rotation ball, rolling stick, mild heating and offers a deep kneading Shiatsu foot massage. No water soaking function. Include remote.Not for people who is highly sensitive to squeeze and kneading.
• Like a professional foot massage. Gifts for women and men. The ergonomic design provides a comprehensive and comfortable massage. 3 kneading and 3 squeeze intensities can be adjusted to personal preference. The soothing heat function can be controlled independently.Please use this item from intensity level low and stop using it if you feel uncomfortable.
• Simple, hygienic, healthy. The remote control and touch panel of this foot massager machine is easy to control using your foot. Removable washable cloth in the foot chambers helps keep a clean and healthy environment.
• A great gift. Fits most people. With its enlarged foot rooms, Renpho foot massager can accommodate most foot sizes, up to men size 12. Everybody needs a daily foot massage. Get it for yourself or your friend using the foot massager 30 minutes daily improves the health of the body.
• Renpho is well-known for the highest quality products and the best customer service. 100% Satisfying customer service and local U.S.-based customer service team to support your purchase.

RENPHO Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager for Muscles, Back, Foot, Neck, Shoulder, Leg, Calf Pain Relief-2600mAh Large Capacity Battery Cordless Electric Percussion Full Body Massage with Portable Design – £31.44 from Amazon UK

• RENPHO Deep Tissue Massager Relieves Pains for Full Body: The percussion technology can help relax and relieve pains on feet, calf, shoulders, neck, back, muscle, arms, and legs.
• Powerful Motor and Safety Design: Great motor with extremely powerful up to 3600 pulses per minute, could relieve pains effectively. After using 20 minutes, it will automatically be stopped to prevent the massager from overheating.
• Portable and Flexibility: Handheld and Cordless design, you can bring it to home, office and anywhere. 5 interchangeable head-attachments, depending on your preference.
• Cordless & Rechargeable: The built-in rechargeable battery lasts for approximately a TOTAL of 140 minutes on a full charge! For safety, it can’t use While charging.
• Great ideal gift for men, women, parents, and friends.

RENPHO Massage Device for Legs and Feet Circulation, Electric, Air Compression for Massage and Relaxation, Calf, Feet, Thigh, Silver – RRP £89.99 – Now £69.99 on Amazon

A leg massager for massaging feet, calves and thighs — This air compression leg massager with 3 x 2 air bags can massage the feet, calves and thighs by inflating and deflating. It will relaxes muscles and improve blood circulation while helping to reduce oedema, restless leg syndrome and varicose veins
6 modes and 4 massage intensities — Use the portable controller to easily change the modes and intensity of the leg massage. It is easy to find the right combination of mode and intensity according to user preferences
Adjustable leg massage wraps for all sizes — Easily change the size using the Velcro strips. Suitable for all foot sizes, calves up to 63 cm in circumference and thighs up to 85 cm in circumference. The thigh and calf wraps can come off and be used separately, so users have the option to massage one of these areas. The wraps can also be used on the arms if desired.
Safe and economical design — A 20 minute auto off timer provides a secure user experience by preventing the leg massager from overheating. The portable design allows the device to be used at home, the office or while travelling, reducing leg pain whilst saving time and money
Do you have a home office and stay at home? — Enjoy it and treat yourself to a proper massage while you work. It relieves swelling of the feet, calves or thighs and improves blood circulation when sitting for long periods of time.

JLab GO Work Headset – Ideal for Dads who work from home – RRP £49.99 at Argos and Amazon UK.

Meet the GO Work wireless on-ear headset, perfect for everyday office life. Enjoy clear calls and video calls and never forget to un-mute with the mute-indicator-light at the end of the boom mic. The powerful boom mic can be rotated up, when you’re focused independently or down to allow colleagues to hear just you (not the dog barking or the doorbell). Transition from mobile to laptop without touching any settings and enjoy GO Work wired while stationary at your computer or wireless for more mobility to multitask.
Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to your PC, Mac, mobile and more. Or plug-in with the included USB-C to 3.5mm cable. Plus with Bluetooth multipoint technology you can connect to any two devices simultaneously. Transition from mobile to laptop without touching any settings.
C3 Calling uses dual microphones: One mic picks up your voice and the other eliminates environmental sounds around you so that your voice remains crystal clear anytime, anywhere.
You’ll get a full 45+-hour work week on one charge and all-day comfort with Cloud Foam earcups. Rotate the boom microphone for listening only and back down to take a call or video conference.

Trust Eco Friendly Bologna Laptop Bag 16” – Made from up to 11 recycled PET bottles – currently on offer on Amazon for just £17.99
Blue images here, Black here, Green here, Red here

SUSTAINABLE DESIGN – Bologna laptop bag is made from 11 recycled PET bottles and certified according to the Global Recycled Standard– meaning no emotional baggage!

SPACIOUS –With a padded, top-loading laptop sleeve suited for 16” laptops and a zippered front pocket for extra storage

SECURE – Padded compartments and metal zippers of this briefcase keep your belongings and accessories safe and secure

TRAVEL BUDDY – A trolley strap and accessories pouch let you carry your gear comfortably, safely, and in style

ADJUSTABLE – A removable and adjustable shoulder strap ensures better comfort, while a handle allows you to carry the bag in one hand


GameSir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Gaming controller available from Amazon for RRP $59.99 –
Type C version on Amazon
Lightning version on Amazon

GameSir has updated the X2 Mobile Gaming controller, designed to give users an outstanding cloud gaming experience, to make this unique mobile gaming experience available to everyone. Now equipped with Bluetooth, the X2 Bluetooth version supports both iOS and Android devices and is compatible with Apple Arcade and MFi games. Like its predecessor, the X2 Bluetooth version is designed to provide a full array of controls and minimise lag to deliver the ultimate gaming experience.
The X2 Bluetooth version features a split design that includes a joystick on both the left and the right sides and ABXY buttons. The L1/L2 and R1/R2 trigger buttons are micro switches with a small contact gap and high sensitivity for a realistic gaming experience. The buttons come with a lifespan of up to 3 million presses so gamers do not need to worry about wearing them out!
• Simply expandable to securely hold phones measuring up to 173mm, and the soft rubber grips will ensure a comfortable hold throughout any gaming session.
• The X2 Bluetooth controller now includes a screenshot button, allowing for a quick snapshot of the best onscreen gaming moments. (Only available on type C phones)
• With a 500 mAh battery and Type-C Charging Port, the GameSir X2 Bluetooth has a powerful long life, allowing gamers to play for about 20 hours under normal use, all from a short two-hour charge, so non-stop gaming is truly guaranteed.

Trust GXT 391 Thian wireless gaming headset – £59.99 from Amazon and in store at GAME

The Trust GXT 391 Thian wireless headset is built with the environment – and comfort – in mind, with a lightweight, eco-friendly design made partially from recycled materials, and durable leatherette ear pads with a mesh top layer for breathability. The lightweight (197g) design includes an integrated rechargeable battery offering 13 hours of playtime, while the included 5.8Ghz USB dongle delivers a blazing-fast connection, for no delay whilst gaming.
For easy and convenient control, the Thian’s earcups include controls to adjust volume and the mute status on the included foldaway microphone which is flexible, rotatable, and includes a pop filter.
Key features
• Suitable for Gaming, Home, Daily use
• Rich sound through the 40mm drivers
• Eco-friendly design; made from recycled materials
• Lightweight for hours of comfortable gaming and mesh/leatherette earpads – the best of both worlds
• 13 hours of continuous playtime with the integrated rechargeable battery
• Suitable for PC/laptop, PS4 Original, PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim, PS5, PS5 Digital
• Foldaway microphone and on-ear volume control with microphone mute button
• Wireless with a fast 5.8 GHz connection; USB dongle included. Can also be used wired with the included 1.2m audio cable

Trust GXT 834 Callaz TKL Mechnical Keyboard – £44.99 from Amazon and in store at GAME

Video here
According to GfK market research, 20% of PC gamers prefer a compact gaming keyboard. To address these gamers, Trust is adding new TKL (tenkeyless) keyboards to its assortment. TKL keyboards take less space on the desk, which give more space for mouse movements. GfK research shows that TKL and mechanical switches are the two major trends within gaming. After the GXT 833 Thado TKL Keyboard, Trust has launched its second compact keyboard – one that is mechanical to tap into the second-largest trend in the market. This model strengthens Trust’s assortment and is expected to grow its market share.
The GXT 834 Callaz TKL Mechanical Keyboard’s responsive mechanical Outemu switches last up to 50 million key presses, making it ideal for intensive and long gaming sessions again and again. The tenkeyless sturdy design ensures the keyboard doesn’t take up too much space, allowing for other peripherals (and, of course, snacks), while a metal top plate further enhances the durability of the keyboard.
For an impressive look, the Callaz includes rainbow-wave lighting featuring 6 colours with 20 modes – and adjustable brightness and speed for an extra dash (or 10) of flavour to any gaming setup.
Key features of the Callaz keyboard:
• Compact, space-saving ‘TKL’ layout
• Red Outemu linear mechanical switches that last up to 50 million keystrokes
• Durable metal top plate for a solid feel
• Multicolour backlighting in 6 fixed colours with 20 modes in adjustable brightness and speed
• 11 direct access Fn media keys

High resolution images available here
Trust GXT 908 Redex low latency wireless gaming mouse – £34.99 from Smyths Toys (Availability from 22nd March)

The Trust Redex features a built-in rechargeable battery that provides up to 50 hours of continuous playtime and durable Kailh mechanical switches that last up to 80 million clicks. Thanks to low latency in both wired and wireless modes, gamers’ actions are as fast as their reactions. Plus, the LED on/off switch enables them to power down when their gaming sessions end.
According to GfK research, wireless gaming mice now account for half of all gaming mice sales. This is a growing trend, as an increasing number of gamers are using gaming mice for both play and work. The Redex has a built-in rechargeable battery and – due to low latency in both wired and wireless modes – is perfect for long gaming sessions and work days.
An adjustable – and highly accurate – optical sensor offers sensitivity up to 10,000 DPI, while 6 programmable buttons enable users to customise their mice to their playstyles. The included software also lets users adjust macro settings and RGB lighting to specific profiles.
Key features:
• Speed select: 200-10.000 DPI
• Low latency wireless: Play wireless or wired while charging, it’s up to you
• Built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 50 hours continuous playtime
• Customisable RGB lighting – to match your mood or vibe
• Durable Kailh mechanical switches: Tested for up to 80 million clicks
• 6 programmable buttons

Anda Seat EXCEL Edition Premium Gaming Chair available from Argos, Currys and the AndaSeat website from £369.99

The EXCEL edition range combines the best of Andaseat’s innovation with EXCEL’s expertise as the leading British competitive gaming culture brand – to give you the chance to take your gaming set up to the next level!
The Excel Edition, built and utilised by one of Britain’s top Esports team. The Excel is designed for those long gaming sessions. Rigged with premium PVC leather and high-density one-piece memory foam. The luxurious, ergonomic design guarantees all-day comfort with a H-shaped headrest pillow and lumbar cushion. Adjust the height with high performance Hydraulic Nitrogen Pistons perfect for your home office, living room or bedroom. Anda Seat produce perfect gaming chairs for adults or kids.
Smooth bonded PVC leather computer desk chair. Scratch and stain resistant.
Find your perfect fit with the 90-160 backrest tilt, equipped with 5 angle lock positions.
4D armrests for optimum posture support.
The Duelhawk Ultra Gaming Chair – Available in Jet black PU Leather/Nebula Fabric and Moonrock Fabric – £339 from Duelhawk website

Superior comfort with adjustable lumbar support
All Duelhawk Ultra gaming chairs feature an integrated adjustable lumbar support mechanism. The lordotic curve is the lower part of the spine which naturally curves inwards whilst seated. Our unique lumbar support mechanism has been developed to prevent this and help promote good posture by filling the gap between the lower back and the chair, this not only allows your back muscles to relax but also provides the perfect position for longer seating times

Available in two fresh finishes
PU Leather
We only use the finest materials in specific colours to maximise durability and provide the most comfortable experience. The PU leather features a slightly matt finish ensuring the chair looks new throughout its life
Duelhawk superfine fabric chairs are made with one of the most durable and soft yarns available providing the perfect balance of durability, breathability and comfort. The fabric is very soft with a ‘felt’ feel to it.
The best armrests in the game – Duelhawk 2nd generation 4D Armrests provide the latest in multi-directional comfort for the perfect seating position.
Sit in comfort for hours – A perfect balance of firmness and comfort thanks to an exclusive Duelhawk HR moulded foam formula.
Advanced lumbar and neck support – The Ultra gaming chair features a fully adjustable integrated lumbar support mechanism.
All Duelhawk chairs come with a 3 year Warranty as standard and can be extended to 5 years with our Extended Warranty Program for added peace of mind.
Recommended Size – 120kg max weight, 180cm max height

Please find high res imagery here,


Mio Mivue 798 Pro Dash Cam – £189.99 from Robert Dyas

Mio™ Night Vision Technology- Utilizing cutting-edge Mio™ Night Vision Pro Technology, smooth and clear footage is ensured by our professional image tuning technology and our insistence on using all glass lens for durability and high light transmittance.

The MiVue™ 798 Pro is fitted with Sony’s premium STARVIS™ sensor and large aperture to deliver superb contrast and rich colors even in low-light conditions. 60fps High Speed Recording- When compared with conventional 30fps, this double data density allows for exceptionally detailed and smooth video. GPS Safety Camera Warnings- General fixed-distance warning and also Mio’s patented Smart Alert: early alert for higher speeds.

Enjoy free safety camera data updates* even when recorded at high speeds (excludes France, Switzerland, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Turkey and Germany). Record at all times with Parking Mode- With the latest motion detection technology, MiVue™ 798 Pro can automatically activate and record videos when a motion is detected near the front of the vehicle. This helps collect evidence even when you’re not in the car (Requires SmartBox III, available separately). Average Speedcam Alerts- MiVue™ 798 Pro shows the distance and time (seconds) to terminal speedcam, and also provides the speed limit and average speed of the interval.

• Clear images even in low-light conditions with Sony’s premium STARVIS CMOS Sensor
• Capture and store every detail with undisputable 1600p recording footage
• Crystal clear Full HD 1080p 60 fps video even at high speeds
• Calculate the remaining time , distance and average speed for you with average speedcam alerts
• GPS tracking & Time / location auto-calibration
• GPS Safety camera warnings and Mio’s patented Smart Alert
• Record at all times with Parking Mode
• Integrated WIFI


DOOGEE S98 dual screen rugged phone with MediaTek Helio G96 processor – Available on AliExpress and Doogeemall for $339/£260

The dual-screen design, just like the one on Huawei’s P50 pocket, has been the S98’s main selling point, but it also has many other advantages. It is powered by a 6000mAh battery, performance is handled by a MediaTek Helio G96 SoC, and the rugged smartphone comes with a 20MP night vision camera. The phone is built to withstand a beating. It is waterproof, drop-proof, and dustproof and can withstand extreme weather conditions thanks to its MIL-STD-810G certification. Other features include:
• 64MP main camera
• 16MP selfie camera
• 8GB + 256GB memory expandable to 512GB using a micro SD card
• 6.3” FHD+ waterdrop display protected by Corning Gorilla Glass
• Side-mounted fingerprint scanner
• 33W fast charger
• Supports 15W wireless charger
• Custom button
• NFC support


Enabot EBO AIR – Next generation social companion robot, providing comfort, protection, and companionship for everyone in the family – available now in the USA and UK on the Enabot website, Amazon.com, Amazon UK, Robert Dyas and SND Electrical for $229 and £229.

Meet the all-new Enabot EBO AIR Robot from Enabot. This updated version of the whole home IP camera is the perfect companion for your pets and family members if you’re required to leave home for extended periods of time. Schedule a time and using auto-cruise & motion detection the Enabot EBO AIR Pet Robot will set off with its 1080P HD night-vision enabled camera and 2-way audio, automatically alerting you to anything suspicious in it’s FOV directly through the free Ebo App.

Enabot EBO AIR Pet Robot supports Multiple-users, through the Ebo Air Pet Camera, your family members will be able to play with your kids & pets, long-distance & uninterrupted interaction is now possible. Ebo’s eyes, movements, and sounds mimic real-life play, constantly keeping your kids & pets engaged. Ebo Air can recognise the faces of people, cats, dogs and intelligently follow the selected subjects for simple interaction and will also take pictures/video automatically in autor cruise mode.

Ebo Air is able to adapt and change its voice and behaviour according to its environment and also have a built in laser teaser to be used at a click of the button. Ebo even automatically returns to its dock when it needs to be charged. Using advanced ToF technology, Ebo can detect all sorts of obstacles ahead & it comes to a full stop, avoiding accidents. Patrolling through the house anytime, anywhere.

Simplify his life … speed up his ability to save and go + charge and go! SanDisk Portable Flash Drive & Wireless Charger Pad! shop.westerndigital.com

SanDisk Extreme Pro USB 3.1 Solid State Portable Flash Drive, 128GB, from £40.60, https://www.amazon.co.uk/SanDisk-Extreme-Solid-State-Flash/dp/B01MU8TZRV?msclkid=1c818086c79e11ec8e8d8122fbffa68c – Perfect to save your most precious files for your escapade!

Receive the performance of a solid state drive on a flash drive with the 128GB Extreme Pro USB 3.1 Solid State Flash Drive from SanDisk. This plug-and-play flash drive features a USB 3.1 Gen-1 interface supporting data read speeds of up to 420 MB/s and data write speeds of up to 380 MB/s making it easy to manage large files including 4K multimedia content, photos, documents, and much more.

SanDisk Ixpand Wireless Charger Pad 15W, from £27.99, https://shop.westerndigital.com/en-gb – The must-have charger

Tired of slow and unreliable wireless chargers? Get a premium experience with the Ixpand® 15W charger pad from SanDisk®, a globally trusted brand. The base features a soft-rubber ring to protect phones from slipping. In addition, it is compatible with AirPods Pro, iPhone 8 and up, Samsung Galaxy S7 and up, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and up and other Qi™-compatible phones.

Motion Nutrition Launch Classic Collagen
The Only Collagen on the Market to Combine Marine And Bovine


Motion Nutrition is pleased to announce the launch of their new supplement Classic Collagen. Bringing two-collagen hero’s together Bovine & Marine. The debate about which collagen to take has been going on for years and the team at Motion Nutrition decided enough is enough and produced a collagen with 50 % Bovine peptides and 50% Marine peptides, meaning you will get type I, II, and III collagens in each serve.

Collagen is mostly found in our skin, bones and connective tissues, it helps keep joints supple, is great for wrinkles and smooth skin and good for our bones. Collagen naturally decreases with age and although our bodies can make it, it is good to supplement or eat it. There are lots of different types of collagen in your body, four in fact. Supplementing with a Bovine collagen is beneficial for types I and III and supplementing with a Marine collagen is beneficial for types II and I.

Motion Nutrition Classic 50:50 Collagen is sold in a plastic free refillable tin. It can be added to tea, coffee or food as it flavour less and can be taken at any time during the day.

Classic Collagen 
RRP £39.99

About Motion Nutrition
Motion Nutrition was born in 2015 and offers a range of natural, honest and free-from-junk products designed to help life work better, from protein powders to natural energy boosters and sleep aids. Motion Nutrition is designed to help people sleep deeper, stress less and have more energy.

About Joe Welstead, CEO of Motion Nutrition
Joe Welstead is a former professional athlete turned founder and CEO of Motion Nutrition, a wellness company dedicated to helping you stress less, sleep deeper and live happier.

Funko Games invites you back into the Marvel Universe with the launch of the third series of Marvel Battleworld: Ultimate Armory; the revolutionary collectible adventure game

Series 3, Ultimate Armory, features all the fun and adventure of the first two Marvel Battleworld games with more figures, more locations, new game mechanics, more adventure!

Marvel Battleworld’s collectible adventure games from Funko Games drop you right into the heart of the Marvel Universe. Uniquely, they can be played solo, enabling you to jump in straightaway, or you can team up with friends and family to defeat Thanos and save the universe.

All the games feature collectible figures, which come with tradeable game cards to promote immersive, cooperative play – the perfectly portable Battle Balls contains two figures to start your adventure, including one hidden in the mysterious Thanostone. Collect and play with another 30 unique characters and use all-new Armor Tokens to make the battles more challenging and help your heroes in making more powerful attacks! Ultimate Armory builds on the previous games in the series:

Mystery of the Thanostones introduced Battleworld with the potential to collect 30+ figures including an exclusive Negative Zone Spider-Man variant, and the follow up, Treachery at Twilight, expanded on the launch series, introducing brand new locations, battles and game mechanics to continue to challenge players.

All the games feature expansion options including additional heroes, vehicles and more, perfect for Marvel fans young and old, while the multi-channel animated series encourages kids and grown-ups alike to play together and seek out extra characters. Start with the compact Battle Balls, perfect for staycations and travel, then jumpstart your collection with the Mega Packs.

All games are available from Amazon

and Funko Games Battle Ball

Mega Pack S3

Suitable for age 6+

RRP BattleBalls £7.99

Unique, provincial and premium award-winning gin from King’s Hill Gin

The small batch gin originates from Pentland Still, a wonderful Scottish distillery. With locally-foraged ingredients, the gin is a blend of 12 finely curated botanicals, including Gorse Flower, Heather, Wild Rosehip and Elderflower – and is presented in an elegant bespoke bottle.

King’s Hill Gin 70cl – currently available from £40 RPP from John Lewis

Treat dad by doing the grilling for him (for once!) and be ready for easy entertaining all summer long with the all-new Summer Sensations offerings from City Pier Seafood. These are great for tailgating, too.

From Bacon Wrapped Scallop Skewers (see pic on a plank) to Blackened Atlantic Salmon Planks, feeding a crowd at a BBQ or summer celebration is a cinch — and delicious and sustainable, too. Complete the spread with Salmon Hot Dogs, and add their newest summer sides, such as White Cheddar, Smoked Gouda, or Signature Mac & Cheese.

They will soon be launching their Summer Grilling Bundle, which will include a full array of items just like these for entertaining a group.

Dad’s Day Gift Ideas – Solar-powered Headphones and Home Office Tech

Urbanista is a Swedish lifestyle audio tech brand that creates products rooted in Scandinavian tradition and inspired by music, arts, fashion and urban culture. The brand mixes a great line-up of colorful and vibrant headphones, speakers and earbuds.
• For the eco-conscious/technophile Dad, the Urbanista Los Angeles Headphones, the World’s First Self-Charging Wireless Headphones, are made of a green technology which converts any light into clean, endless energy for virtual infinite playtime. The Los Angeles is available in two sleek colors and priced at $199.
• All Urbanista products are on Skimlinks.
• Urbanista products are available now at shop.urbanista.com and Amazon

To help Dad stay organized and working efficiently in the home office, the VisionTek Products LLC, (VisionTek®) VT7100 triple display 4K USB-C docking station is sleek and compact but has the power and capability to optimize any laptop’s workload.
• Power Delivery up to 100W (Included USB-C cable supports 100W Power Delivery, USB-A does not support Power Delivery)
• The VT7100 is available for $369.00 at dell.com, Lenovo.com, and cdw.com

CLCKR is a patented universal and multi-functional mobile phone stand grip, enabling multiple viewing positions including portrait, landscape and angled conference call modes, ideal for video chats, reading recipes and watching movies and TV shows.
• The Universal CLCKR – a stand and grip which is easy to apply using 3M™ adhesive that does not leave residue. Prices start at $9.99. Amazon .
• We also have the Slim Wallet with Stand Accessory as well to keep Dad’s credit cards and license easy to access.
• And for the tech savvy Dad, we have a MagSafe CLCKR Stand.

If your dad’s a rugby fan: The Premiership Rugby Final is on 18 June at Twickenham Stadium, so the day before Father’s Day. It’s the most exciting domestic rugby competition in the world – based on the high quality of players, the average number of tries per game and the closeness of every match.

The Gallagher Premiership Rugby Final is the ultimate showpiece of the competition; following 26 hard fought rounds and two semi-finals, the best two clubs in England will come face-to-face in a winner-takes-all encounter. Tickets are from £22 and available here: www.eticketing.co.uk/premiershiprugby

Jardinopia have a passion for gardening and a love of the outdoors, they decided to create a multi-faceted garden….. and these tools and ideas developed from that passion, enjoy!


Jardinopia Tool Garland Watering Can set

The Jardinopia handmade decorative garden tool garlands are produced using sustainably sourced yam wood and recycled metal. They are designed to decorate your potting shed, tool shed, garage,
conservatory or anywhere you wish to add a little bit of fun and a talking point to. This garland has the following 6 tools included: – rake, hoe, shovel, watering can, bucket, hand fork.

The garland can also be hung outside (although the yam wood may fade as it has not been treated and is a natural product and will react accordingly when exposed to the elements).

You can also add wire LED fairy lights to the garland (not included here) should you wish, to add that extra special sparkle! They also look great hung on beams or over fireplaces and hearths.

The garland is currently strung on a length of approximately 5 feet (60 inches) of natural jute string, but can very easily be restrung on any length or colour you may want to use as an alternative. You can even add our various tool garlands together to make one long garland!

The hand tools themselves are approximately 11cm long x 5cm wide, with the watering can and bucket approximately 10cm wide x 7cm tall. Sizes may vary slightly as they are all individually produced by hand.

The Jardinopia garden tool garlands make for a unique gift for any occasion for gardeners and help brighten up any space you may want to hang them in.

Jardinopia have reduced the use of packaging wherever possible with this product, to reduce their impact on the environment, so they will arrive simply bagged and boxed. They have 2 versions of the Tool Garland
currently to offer.

View @ :- www.jardinopia.com/product/decorative-handmade-sustainably-sourced-garden-tool-garland-decorate-potting-sheds-or-yard-art-unique-gift-for-gardeners-gardening-decor/
Price: £16.99

Gifts and mementos with meaning. Turning your drawings and handwriting into unique accessories and jewellery.


“One of the best parts of watching our daughter grow are the adorable pictures and drawings she proudly presents us with. Running out of preschool, and now primary school, with her fist full of pictures of us, her friends, our pets – those scraps of paper represented everything that was important to her.”

“I received my sample so promptly after speaking with Scribbled Squirrel and its just adorable, its just a little keyring but it brightens up things and its so personal turning the mundane sameness of a key chain into something personalised and just adding a touch of fun and creativity. After all our key chains are kinda with us all the time they ar in our hands all the time! We’re constantly unlocking things and then they get put somewhere nearby at night and could be one of the first things goes into our pockets in the mornings this is not all that “scribbles squirrel make” We throughly recommend their service! Why not contact them and have items made for you too! Best wishes the InTouch Rugby personal items / accessories stories co-ordinator / curator!

Best wishes…

A new men’s grooming product -drenchbar [www.drenchbar.com/how-it-works] is designed to be used in the shower on wet skin, with an eco-friendly and plant-based formula that includes water-loving ingredients, so rich butters and oils blend with water on your skin to turn into a lotion – perfect for dads in a hurry, and those who hate the lotion routine.

Made with shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa seed butter, organic olive oil and sunflower wax, drenchbar is perfect for spring b/c its concentrated formulareuses the water from your damp post-shower skin to emulsify into a lotion on contact. Leah Smolensky created the “Goldilocks of lotion” because she found other lotions were too sticky, too cold and filled with harsh ingredients – drenchbar glides onto your skin velvety smooth and leaves no stickiness. It also makes your skin smell SO good (spoken from personal experience) – the neroli + driftwood scent is unisex, clean, luxurious and delicious.

Like a leave-in conditioner for your skin, drenchbar is multipurpose – use as pomade, solid cologne, beard oil, shaping product -and its lid serves as tray and place to store it.

You just:

* Hand wipe excess water from your body
* Glide bar over body and massage into skin
* Pat dry and lock in silky moisture all day long
* MSRP: $15
* Purchasing link, see more & buy @ :- https://www.drenchbar.com/shop [3]

VSSL Essentials Kits

These kits are designed to be ultra-portable and tough enough to withstand literally anything—from a boat capsize to an avalanche—but contain all the survival tools you need for your camping, hiking, trekking, and mountaineering adventures. Hyper-tough rope, razor-sharp blades, fishing line and hooks, first aid supplies, fire starters, and survival gear, these kits have it all. You’ll become a prepared outdoorsman in no time with these fellas in your back pocket.

High Camp Tumbler 2-Pack + Wool Felt Carrying Case

When you’ve reached that special spot to pour one & reflect, this pair of stainless steel tumblers from High Camp make the perfect vessel for your well-deserved drink. The 11-ounce tumblers have a double-wall vacuum-insulated design that’s great for both hot & cold beverages. Packaged in a wool felt carry case for simple portability.

Bellroy Key Case

Offering sleek, bundled storage for 3-5, Bellroy’s Key Case features a unique flipper mechanism that ejects keys one-handed while keeping them secure on a detachable cord loop for a car key or fob. The exterior is smooth, eco-tanned leather finish & the hardware is stainless steel. Choose from 5 colors.


P3RFORM – RRP £110/month – For the Dad who is training for an event or looking to improve their fitness.
Designed to offer the wider population access to high-quality performance coaching. P3RFORM is unlike any other fitness service because your plan adapts to work around your daily life. P3RFORM offers the three things that are key to being successful at fitness: flexibility, expertise, and accountability. Dad’s lead busy lives so P3RFORM takes away that guesswork approach that most people have when it comes to their fitness.

Superzeros – – £12.99 (2x boxes) – For the Dad who wants to better fuel themselves in the morning.

Traditional breakfast cereals are carb-heavy, with high sugar and next to no protein – but with 10g of protein and nominal sugar per 32g serving Superzeros looks set to be an appealing option for those that are looking to better fuel themselves in the morning. Products are nut-free, high in fibre and include no gluten-based ingredients, whilst also being very low in sugar and refined carbohydrates making it much easier to avoid the cravings that follow high glycaemic index foods.


Leading online wall map retailer, Maps International has a range of unique map gifts suited to father figures, whatever their interests.

Backed by 50 years of cartographic expertise, Maps International creates beautifully designed wall maps for home décor and functional use.

Here are the top picks from their Father’s Day collection,

For the Dad who loves golf
• Scratch-off UK Golf Courses print
• Featuring 100 selected UK golf courses
• Golf enthusiasts can scratch off each of the golf tee icons representing courses they’ve played at
• Personalise the print with a name, message or golf-inspired quote
• A3, available as a silk art paper print, or pinboard mounted with a black, white or oak style wooden frame
• From £13, available to buy here

For the Dad who loves a pint
• Scratch-off UK Breweries print
• Perfect for beer fans and brewery tour lovers
• Scratch off the beer bottle icons as beers are tried or breweries are visited
• Features 75 different independent beer breweries in the UK
• Personalise the print with a name, message or beer-inspired quote
• A3, available as a silk art paper print, or pinboard mounted with a black, white or oak style wooden frame
• From £13, available to buy here
For the Dad who seeks adventure
• Scratch-off Snowdonia Climbs
• Perfect for the adventure-seeker looking for their new climbing challenge
• Features 190 different climbs in and near Snowdonia, including traditional, bouldering and ice climbs, the map is packed full of information including grade difficulty, number of climbs, bolted face direction and restrictions
• 42 x 59cm, available as a silk art paper print or pinboard mounted with a black or white wooden frame
• From £14.99, available to buy here

• Scratch the World® travel edition
• Scratch off visited destinations to reveal a beautifully styled, up-to-date map underneath
• Globetrotters can even roll it up and pack it on their adventures, scratching off as they go
• Personalisation available – choose from names, messages or travel-inspired quotes
• A3, available as a silk art paper print or pinboard mounted with a black or white wooden frame
• From £12.99, available to buy here

For the Dad who loves football
• Scratch-off 92 Football Grounds
• Complete the stadium-hopping challenge and scratch off each football ground once visited
• A great activity for fathers to complete with their children
• Once scratched off, each icon reveals the team’s colours
• Personalisation available – choose from names, messages or football-inspired quotes
• A3, available as a silk art paper print, or pinboard mounted with a black, white or oak style wooden frame
• From £13, available to buy here

For the Dad who loves exploring the UK
• Scratch-off Wainwright Hill-bagging print
• The perfect gift for walkers, ramblers and lovers of the Lake District
• Scratch off the Wainwrights as you climb them
• Features all 214 Wainwright fells including their heights and a tally to update with a dry wipe pen, to see how many more hills there are left to ‘bag’
• 59 x 42cm, available as a silk art paper print, or pinboard mounted with a black or white wooden frame
• From £14.99, available to buy here

• English Heritage Scratch-off Sites
• Featuring a curated selection of 292 English Heritage Historic Properties and Gardens across England
• Travel across the country exploring everything from Stonehenge to Dover Castle, industrial heritage sites to castles and religious grounds
• The perfect gift for history buffs and staycation lovers
• 42 x 59cm, available as a silk art paper print or pinboard mounted with a black or white wooden frame
• From £17.99, available to buy here

And finally…for the Dad who simply loves a beautiful map
• The perfect gift to spruce up a home office or add a personal touch to décor
• The Large Class World Map (available in a white wooden frame) is available in elegantly muted colours, offering a touch of vintage-inspired luxury to the home
• 121.9cm x 87.1cm
• The frame is made from ayous wood and the print is protected with Perspex glazing
• £170, available to buy here

• The Personalised Classic World Map is the ideal gift for travel enthusiasts and map fans alike
• With countries and major cities and towns labelled, this is the perfect map to plan future travels while adding a touch of luxury to the home
• Available in small (59 x 42cm), medium (84 x 59cm), large (119 x 84cm) and huge (197 x 117cm)
• Available in a range of finishes including paper, laminated, canvas, pinboard mount, laminated and framed
• Title and sub-title personalisation available
• From £27, available to buy here

This year, to mark the occasion, Compass Box are offering a special giveaway of an exclusive ‘ask-anything’ conversation with Founder and Whiskymaker John Glaser to chat all things whisky. Two lucky winners – and their dads – will each receive a behind-the-scenes remote tour of the London Blending Rooms to see where Compass Box create their delicious whiskies alongside a personalised at-home tasting of your favourite Compass Box blends. The ideal gift for any whisky lover. Visit www.compassboxwhisky.com/fathersday to enter the giveaway for you and your dad to enjoy as a Father’s Day treat.

From light, delicate, and elegant to rich, big, and smoky, Compass Box cover the full spectrum of flavours to be found in Scotch whisky. Is your father an adventurous cocktail maker? Vibrant and versatile Artist Blend will allow his creative impulses free rein. For fans of big, bold, yet elegant flavours, look no further than The Peat Monster. A wine lover as well as a whisky fan? The Story of the Spaniard, containing components aged in Spanish wine casks, brings together the magic of both. Too hard to choose? Go for a curated introduction to the variety offered by Compass Box, with The Blenders’ Collection and the Malt Whisky Collection gift packs. Great if you’re new to Compass Box or as a gift to welcome your dad to the joys of Scotch whisky.

Father’s Day (6/19) is coming up fast and if you’re unsure of what to gift the men in your life, whether it’s your dad, brother, uncle or husband, I’m writing to share a delicious wine option (stay with me) for the booze-loving dad and history buff!

1924 wines was founded in 1924—right in the middle of Prohibition—which they honor by making their wines their own way. The 1924 Double Black Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon specifically represents this rebellious time as it is not traditional to age wine in bourbon barrels; this method dials up the caramel and toasty oak notes, and adds to the bold flavor. It’s classically structured, with black cherry fruit and tannins that give the wine some heft and a sweet taste you have to try!

You can buy the 1924 Double Black Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon for under $20 at your local liquor store, major retailers across the nation or Wine.com (which is affiliate-friendly) for ultimate gifting convenience.

For the fitness enthusiastic father, Core Balance’s newest range of Neoprene Kettlebells would be a perfect gift for a full-body workout. Available in multiple colours and weights, the kettlebells are available in a brand new neoprene coating for strong grip making it easier to practice different exercises. The Hex Dumbbell are also a great gift, available in different weights and colours and coated in neoprene.

For green-fingered dads and grandads Christow’s Potting Table with Storage is perfect for creating space for all gardening jobs. Made from pressure-treated wood and rust-resistant metal, the potting table comes complete with five hooks and two shelves to ensure space for all gardening essentials and is available from £64.99. For dads more interested in wine, Christow’s Wooden Barrel Wine Rack is a great display for their collection. At only 50cm tall the wine rack is a compact and stylish way to store up to eight bottles of wine. The flat surface top decorated with ‘King’s Old Wineries’ is perfect for holding a glass or snacks of choice.

Trail Outdoor Leisure’s Portofino Paddle Board is perfect for any adventurous dad. Whether a beginner or advanced the 10ft inflatable paddle board is expertly designed to perform as well as a solid paddle board. The inflatable SUP is equipped with everything needed for use, including a bag, pump and adjustable paddle. For dads who enjoy sleeping under the stars, Trail Outdoor Leisure has a range of camping equipment which would make an ideal present this Father’s Day.

not just a shop.

not just a shop at the University of the Arts London is a wonderful shop for finding gifts with a difference. With Father’s Day almost upon us, we thought you would like to see these great finds from not just a shop.

not just a shop is located at University of the Arts London and has a selection of wonderful products all created by emerging artists. If you are looking for something unique and interesting for your Dad this Father’s Day look no further…..

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is merely a month away and the pressure of getting the perfect gift is starting to sneak in. So, we have created a list of technology products that every father would enjoy.


Offering a diverse choice of DAB+, Internet radio, Bluetooth, and CD, Pure’s brand-new range of thoroughly designed music systems will take every father’s listening experience to the next level. Thanks to the contemporary and sleek designs, they’re great additions to a broad range of settings, be it at home, be it in the garage, be it anywhere else.

Evoke Spot

The range’s entry-level model, Evoke Spot, will offer every father endless hours of fun without needing to leave the house — he’ll be able to tune in to all of his favourite radio stations through a diverse range of DAB+ stations and listen to all of his favourite tunes through Spotify Connect.
Compact yet stylish, this radio is a bargain, which fits into the tiniest of spaces. It also boasts a 2.4-inch foldaway colour display, with 4 preset buttons, Bluetooth control on the device.

Available to buy for £179.99 here.

Evoke Play

Evoke Play is for the father that seeks to immerse himself in a world of music, with access to countless internet radio stations from across the globe.

With 40 watts of stereo sound, an optional battery pack and a handle to carry around the house, the Evoke Play is a versatile music companion that contains a sleek and premium design.

Can be purchased for £249.99 here.

Evoke Home

The Evoke Home packs DAB+, internet radio, Spotify, and a CD-drive all into one place, which results in thousands of listening options.

With access to many worldwide internet stations, it’s simply perfect for any radio lover. The Evoke Home is ideal for a stylish alternative to the dated Hifi-System, and it’ll ensure excellent stereo sound with high clarity and deep bass.

Available to buy for £399.99 here.


The LE range is beautifully eye-catching and offers the perfect balance of performance and sleek elegant design. The perfect addition to every family home, the LE speakers have multi-room functionality, as well as the ability to be wirelessly stereo paired.
As well as delivering a premium sound experience, the speakers can also serve as a control hub for your smart home and come equipped with smart speaker functionality.

More images here.

• LE01 price: £1,099.00
• LE02 price: £649.00
• LE03 price: £269
The LE Range can be purchased at braun-audio.com/en-GB/.

Its The Thought

Taking the hassle out of gifting with this Father’s Day Treat Box! We can send gifts directly to friends & family, if you want a personalised note adding, just pop it in the personalisation section! Send the positive parcel.

This letterbox gift contains:
• 1 x Salted caramel chocolate bar
• 1 x Matchbox hug
• 1 x Key ring
• 1 x Coffee Sachet
• 1 x Thoughts sweeties
• 1 x Little note let for your personal message

Every Letterbox Gift comes wrapped in tissue paper, sealed with our beautiful blue branded seal, and in our gorgeous signature gift box!
To make each gift more personal, you have the option to include a handwritten card specifically for your loved ones. Gifts fit through the letterbox and sent directly to your recipient.
They don’t need to be in to sign for the parcel or even have to open the door – the perfect contactless option.

Father’s Day Treat Box

£14.99 plus postage

Dad’s Black Pig (£29.99)

While dad jokes and dad dancing may be unavoidable traits of fatherhood, every dad is unique. Which is why Virgin Wines have dedicated an equally distinctive wine to Father’s Day – Dad’s Black Pig! The Virgin Wines team took The Black Pig – one of Virgin Wines best sellers with consistent 5* ratings – and gave it a Father’s Day glow up, exclusively for Father’s Day. This limited edition bottle of Shiraz is carefully crafted by a small independent team of talented and passionate winemakers in McLaren Vale, Australia. It’s smooth and mouth-filling, with open and intense fruit notes and a rich, robust texture. For extra special gifting, Dad’s Black Pig has been packaged up in a matching bespoke tube and presented alongside detailed tasting notes. It can also be delivered straight to dad’s door with free delivery and gift messaging.

‘Dark & Spicy’ (50cl)

A non-alcoholic rum alternative. A rich blend of pineapple, coconut, ginger, black cardamom, vanilla, kola nut and lime. Serve with ginger ale over ice, garnished with half a lime.

Available in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, M&S and Ocado for £18 (RRP). Also available on our website and on Amazon.

Ideal gifts for the Dad’s!
There’s nothing quite like the warm sound of vinyl. Why not treat Dad so he can dust off the old records and give them a new lease of life? Added bonus – pop a pair of headphones on and he can drown out the family for a few minutes. Also, the Lenco LS-440 with built in speakers features Bluetooth so the entire family can stream their favourite music as well!
As well as turntables, we also have the ultimate power bank to charge up to 5 devices at once on the go including magsafe products and apple watches so dad doesn’t get caught short and a 3 in 1 Magnetic Wireless Charging stand to keep his desk nice and tidy at home or in the office!

The Lenco LS-440 stylish turntables with four built in speakers – finished with beautiful fabric and available in blue/beige or grey. Available from Gear4Music and the Lenco website (Blue) Lenco Website (Grey) for £249.99.

The Lenco LS-440 BUBG Turntable with Speakers is a modern turntable with contemporary features to enjoy your favourite music in more ways than ever. With four integrated speakers (two 15-watt and two 10-watt), you can listen to your favourite music and hear it the exact way the artist intended. Delivering a balanced and powerful sound, you can fill your home or room. Ensuring you can play virtually any vinyl type whether that’s singles or LP’s, the LS-440 features a wide aluminium platter with two-speed settings of 33 1/3 and 45RPM.

A belt-driven turntable, the LS-440 comes equipped with a high-quality Audio Technica moving magnetic cartridge to ensure extremely high-fidelity audio quality. Using an MMC-style cartridge also helps to preserve the life of your vinyl. Controls such as the ‘pitch’ control allow you to manually adjust the playback speed to perfectly match your records and the ‘tone’ controls help you to dial in the highs and lows of your vinyl for that perfect listening experience.

A wide range of connectivity ensures no matter how you choose to listen to music, the LS-440 will be able to accommodate. A 3.5mm AUX input allows you to connect your smartphone, laptop or tablet directly for playback or alternatively, the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity allows you to stream hands-free! A headphones output lets you sit back and relax with your favourite albums without any disturbance and stereo RCA outputs mean you can connect to an existing Hi-Fi system for seamless integration.

Lenco LS-50LEDBK Turntable with Built-In Speakers and Lighting Overview – £149.99 from URBAN OUTFITTERS , GEAR4MUSIC and LENCO UK WEBSITE
High resolution imagery and product spec sheets can be found here

The Lenco LS-50LEDBK Turntable with Built-In Speakers and Lighting is a modern take on the classic vinyl turntable that not only sounds great but looks stylish and contemporary. Jam-packed with features, the Lenco LS-50LEDBK boasts a truly modern design with a set of integrated speakers to listen back to your favourite albums with 4 watts of power as well as a USB Encoding port, allowing you to connect your turntable to your PC and convert your vinyl to digital audio files for listening on the go.

With three speed settings of 33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM and 78 RPM as well as the ability to playback 7, 10 and 12-inch vinyls, you can playback even your most vintage of records from LP’s to EP’s and even singles. The belt-drive motor and MDF cabinet design give it that vintage feel, complete with modern components. Additionally, the turntable features an RCA line output and a spare stylus for added convenience.

Lenco LS100 Wood Turntable & Speakers – £119.99 from Lenco Website, HMV and Gear4Music
High res imagery here

The Lenco LS-100 is a record player system with 2 separate wooden speakers. Enjoy listening to your vinyl in no time, with a quality turntable and an easy setup, via speakers. The speakers can also be placed separately from the player, ideal for a real stereo effect. You can easily switch from 33 to 45 rpm to play an LP or single! Thanks to the 2 separate wooden speakers, you can fill any room with music.
The record player also has Bluetooth so you can easily stream music from your smartphone.
With a beautiful dark wood design and removable dust-cover the turntable fits into any surrounding in your home. At Lenco, we understand how important it is to preserve your vinyl. The Lenco LS-100 is equipped with an auto-stop. This function causes the record to stop rotating and prevents scratches from occurring, allowing you to enjoy your precious records for longer.


EXCITRUS super-fast charging 100W 20800mAh Power bank with magnetic wireless charging function for MagSafe – £81 on The EXCITRUS website
High resolution imagery is available here

With a stylish fabric finish, the latest EXCITRUS power bank is the only 100W Power bank in the market with a magnetic wireless charging function for MagSafe and boasts a large 20800mAh heavy duty Li-ion battery which delivers super-fast 100W Power Delivery (PD) via the two USB-C ports to charge MacBooks, laptops and Samsung phones in the shortest time possible (Laptop 60% charge in 1hr, Smartphone 85% charge in 1hr).

Additionally, the 100W power bank also features a 10W MagSafe compatible wireless charging option for Smartphones, iPods and other wireless devices – something not found on other power banks with this power delivery range.

For those who wish to charge their apple watch or earbuds, the 100w power bank also features a special low power device charging mode and features eight levels of safety protection to ensure all devices will not overheat or overcharge.
The digital display on the power bank shows the power remaining in the and also the charging mode status information by indicating fast charging mode (over 18W), low-power Bluetooth device charging mode and wireless charging mode activation with a set of icons. Thanks to its 65W PD fast charging USB-C input, the power bank can be recharged 0%-70% in just 60 minutes, making it ideal for those on the go to ensure they are never without charge on all of their electronic devices.

EXCITRUS aluminium alloy 3 in 1 Magnetic Wireless Charging stand for iPhones and AirPods – £41 on the EXCITRUS website
High resolution imagery is available here

Featuring strong and powerful MagSafe magnets that hold iPhone 12 and above models in place – without fear of falling whilst pressing or rotating – the sleek charging stand effortlessly removes clutter from desks. Including an elegant light circle with 32 lights inside for added ambience and to guide users to the correct charging spot, the device can charge three devices simultaneously, supporting 15w fast wireless charging for iPhones and AirPods thanks to the Magnetic Wireless (Qi)Charging.

Together with the included 18W fast charger, the package also includes a USB C-C cable and an additional USB-A socket on the rear to allow for the quick charge 3.0 of additional devices, such as Apple Watch or Apple Pencil or any other desired electronical device.
For additional safety and peace of mind, the charging stand also has safety features such as foreign object detection, over voltage, over current, over charge, short circuit and temperature and protection.

Mambo has recently launched Mambo Surf De Luxe – a premium surf brand and return to the brand’s iconic beginnings.

Mambo fans, Richard Allan Fans and Reg Mombassa fans will be thrilled with this new collection.

Dads across the globe will remember Mambo so get him a new Mambo Surf De Luxe shirt, T or set.


Father’s Day gift guide – five top-rated sports books for Dad

If you’re looking for a gift for Dad this Father’s Day, here’s five books he’s sure to love. Each has featured in the William Hill Sports Book of the Year Awards, the world’s most valuable literary sports-writing prize. Graham Sharpe, who set up the Awards 34 years ago, chooses five sporting greats:

1. True Blue: The Oxford Boat Race Mutiny by Daniel Topolski. From £8.00 available from Amazon image here
2. Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby. From £9.99 available from Waterstones. Image here
3. The Miracle Of Castel Di Sangro by Joe McGinniss. From £9.78 available from Blackwell’s. Image here
4. It’s Not About The Bike: My Journey Back to Life by Lance Armstrong. From £10.19 available from WHSmith. Image here
5. Swell, A Waterbiography by Jenny Landreth. From £9.51 available from Blackwell’s. Image here

Five great books from the William Hill Sports Book of the Year Awards, by Graham Sharpe

Our first winner in 1989 set the bar high for future years, entitled ‘True Blue’ and telling the dramatic story of its sub-title, The Oxford Boat Race Mutiny. Written by brilliant Oxford and Olympic team rowing coach, Daniel Topolski, and talented thriller writer Patrick Robinson, this is the story of a rowing rebellion in probably the world’s best-known water-borne race, which resulted in the American mutineers quitting and leaving their inexperienced replacements up a creek without a proverbial paddle. A thoroughly deserving winner which became a must-read tome.

Nick Hornby’s career took off as ‘Fever Pitch’ created a genre of its own. Was it a novel? An autobiography? A ‘faction’? This tale of one man’s devotion to his favourite football team was about Hornby and Arsenal, but could have been about myself and Luton Town – or you and your own favourite club. A phenomenal break-through book.

My own favourite sports book, ‘The Miracle of Castel Di Sangro’ by American writer Joe McGinniss, is an incredible tale of achievement, corruption, and tragedy at an obscure, lower-division Italian football club, told by a man who experienced all of those elements at first-hand. It is the finest book about sport I have ever been privileged to read.

‘It’s Not About The Bike’, co-authored by Lance Armstrong and Sally Jenkins was, at the time, felt to be an inspirational story, but as was subsequently remarked “The book now stands as a testament to Armstrong’s capacity to delude himself and deceive his fans.” It remains a compelling read.

Jenny Landreth’s excellent book, ‘Swell’ became and remained a particular favourite of mine. The quality and originality of the subject matter shone a light on a previously unchronicled aspect of swimming’s history. It explains entertainingly how swimming in the 19th century was almost exclusively a male domain, but how some liquid-loving suffragettes eventually managed to demand and achieve a watery equality. In the process of immersing herself in the story she brought it to the attention of many – including Jo Brand, who declared: “If you love swimming you’ll love this. If you hate swimming, you’ll still love this.”

To see more award-winning book ideas for Dad, visit hnews.williamhill.com/sport/sports-book-of-the-year

Transport Dad to the Isle of Arran with ARRAN Sense of Scotland luxury Father’s Day gifts

With Father’s Day around the corner ARRAN Sense of Scotland is inspiring gift givers with a little luxury for father figures who deserve some ‘me time’, even for those dads who are impossible to buy for.

ARRAN’s collections are perfectly suited for dads, grandads and father figures with something to suit everyone and every taste.

From woody scents to fresh and uplifting fragrances, all inspired by the natural elements of the Isle of Arran, ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s perfectly balanced fragrances are the ideal choice for Father’s Day. Whether you’re looking to treat Dad to a luxury shaving experience, level up his travel toiletries game, or simply show him you care with some soothing skincare, ARRAN has you covered.

For the well-groomed dads
Collection: Machrie

Father figures will be awakened by the waves breaking on the Machrie coast this June with ARRAN’s unique Machrie collection. Sea salt mineral notes stirred with the woody, earthiness of rockrose in this collection is guaranteed to impress. Perfect for those who like to be well groomed, ARRAN’s Machrie men’s shaving stone and soap, shave brush and after shave balm will give your dad a luxury shaving experience straight from the Isle of Arran.

Machrie Men’s Shaving Stone & Soap, £25; Men’s Shave Brush, £22; Machrie Men’s After Shave Balm (100ml), £16

For dads who love to travel
Collection: Lochranza

Lochranza is a delicate fragrance from ARRAN Sense of Scotland, combining patchouli and anise to create a spicy base note, peppered with aromas of a warmer floral scent. The Lochranza Eau de Toilette is a great gift from ARRAN’s best-selling range, guaranteed to put a smile on Dad’s face. Ideally suited for those frequent travellers, the Lochranza Wash Bag is a great option this Father’s Day. The stylish grey carrier will keep bathrooms clutter-free, and your dad can enjoy a full-sized bath and shower gel, after shave balm, shave gel and bar of soap in this warm earthy fragrance.

Lochranza Men’s Eau de Toilette (100ml), £42.50; Lochranza Men’s Wash Bag, £45

In addition to the masculine fragrances, ARRAN Sense of Scotland offers a gorgeous unisex Apothecary range, inspired by the ancient crafts of alchemists. The three scents in this range are tried and trusted, the perfect antidote to modern living with cleansing, restorative, and healing properties.

For the impossible to buy for dads
Collection: Seaweed and Sage Apothecary

Inspired by the sea, ARRAN’s Seaweed and Sage zesty fragrance combines essential oils of seaweed, sage, lemon, geranium, and orange for an uplifting and fresh scent. If you’re not sure what Dad’s after, ARRAN has you covered with a discovery set that will give the father figure in your life a chance to sample a few products to see what he likes. In addition to this, ARRAN’s non-greasy body lotion made with shea butter and beeswax is the perfect pamper treat after a long day at work and will leave him with a gorgeous citrus aroma.

Apothecary Seaweed and Sage Discovery Gift Set, £10; Apothecary Seaweed & Sage Body Lotion (200ml), £14

For dads whose skin needs some TLC
Collection: Aloe Vera Apothecary

Soothing, nourishing and healing properties all feature in ARRAN’s Aloe Vera Apothecary collection. Green top notes wrapped in floral complement a woody amber base. Famously known as nature’s first aid plant, this collection is a great antidote to your dad’s skincare neglect. For men who like to get their hands dirty, ARRAN’s aloe vera soap and hand cream products will quickly soothe those sores and leave hands feeling brand new.

Apothecary Aloe Vera Hand Cream (300ml), £14; Aloe Vera Soap (300g), £8

For dads who enjoy some R&R
Collection: Lavender and Tea Tree Apothecary

ARRAN’s Lavender and Tea Tree collection boasts a calming and reviving fragrance infused with essential oils. Its healing properties naturally boost the immune system and reduce stress – perfect for a father figure who needs a little rest and recovery. ARRAN’s shampoo or bath and shower gel are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Adding some luxury to the daily routine, these herbal products will put a leap in his step for the day ahead.

Apothecary Lavender & Tea Tree Shampoo (300ml), £14; Apothecary Lavender & Tea Tree Bath & Shower Gel, £14

Spoil the father figure in your life this year and give the gift of ARRAN Sense of Scotland this Father’s Day.

As a special addition to ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s Father’s Day offering, customers shopping between 4-19 June can receive 20% off its Men’s Collection and any order over £50 will receive a free Body Lotion (worth £16).

You can shop ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s full collection at www.arran.com.

Milan Candles

444 Tobacco Vanilla, $65
This Father’s Day, Milan Candles has you covered.
Tobacco Vanilla is an irresistible scent that embodies inner-strength, confidence, and freedom. This is Milan’s favorite for when you want to feel grounded, centered and more balanced. Perfect for your living room, workspace and even a mancave.

Activitygift is the world’s first experience day gift card to give back to the planet with every booking making it the perfect present for every dad who will appreciate some quality time this Father’s Day – with unique foodie activities across the country (and globe).

Dad can pick from over 50,000 activities and experiences worldwide and purchased from as little as £25, and what’s more for every Activitygift purchased, and every activity booked, a tree is planted through their partnership with Eden Reforestation Project supporting a greener environment in places that need it most, which in turn lowers extreme poverty by preventing villages from flooding, purifying water sources, and providing nutrition to the soil for farming.

Each Activitygift can be personalised with a picture and heartfelt note and posted internationally free of charge.

Eat the city – a Manchester food crawl
Take dad on a gastronomic adventure through Manchester and try samples of some of the best foods and drinks of the city. A professional guide will tell you all about the cuisine of Manchester and how it represents the city’s past, present, and future passing various venues for a sample stop. Discover stories from Ancoat’s Little Italy and their ice cream, the diet of the Victorian mill worker or the birth of vegetarianism. Your guide will make sure both your belly and brain are filled after this tour!
From £50
Details about your selected activity | Activitygift

The Gin craze guided walking tour
Gin is the ‘new Champagne’ & London has the finest gin palaces on earth. Satisfy dad’s thirst as you weave through the backstreets, alleyways, and grand thoroughfares to visit them one by one to discover the long & fascinating relationship between gin and the British people. Finish the experience with a tour and drink at a historic gin distillery! Gin, or ‘Mother’s Ruin’ has long been the preferred tipple of the capital since the early 1700’s. You will also experience some of the finest examples of Victorian Gin palaces to survive the Blitz and 1960’s property developers. There were 7,000 ‘dram shops’ in London in 1750!
From £97
Details about your selected activity | Activitygift

The Bristol Cheese Crawl
Is your dad a Fromage fancier, a connoisseur of the curd or a true turophile? Then this tasty walking tour is a must this Father’s Day! Stroll through the charming Clifton village down to the iconic wharf with a selection of cheese treats en route. From local award winners to continental classics, sampling a range of delicious cheeses and learn all about this favourite food from an expert guide. He’ll enjoy a tricky trivia quiz and, for once his cheesiest puns will be rewarded. He’ll be sure to have a Gouda time finishing the crawl with a refreshing glass of cider. It doesn’t get much feta than this!

Edinburgh old town walking tour with whisky tasting
Walking the Old Town of Edinburgh dad will see the city that founded the world’s largest Scottish whisky company, hear of the people that helped whisky production and then retire to Megget’s cellar for a complimentary candlelit single malt whisky tasting from four whisky producing regions. Upon meeting the expert guide he’ll hear about Edinburgh’s role in bringing whisky to the rest of the world and learn about how the 19th century changed whisky production in Scotland and of the locals that embraced it – from George Ballantine on South Bridge to Andrew Usher Jr at Nicolson Street, the pioneers that created their own whiskies and exported worldwide. The tour then continues with a whisky tasting in our candlelit Megget’s Cellar. There’s no better way to warm the spirits. He’ll taste four Scottish whiskies, under the guidance of our whisky specialist – in a kilt, of course – who will cover everything you need to know about the water of life.
From £35
Details about your selected activity | Activitygift

Skipton Canal Sunday lunch cruise
Surprise dad with a delicious roast dinner cruise this Father’s Day. You’ll glide down the canal while you enjoy a traditional meal. Breathe in the delicious scents from the galley and get ready for a wonderful roast dinner. The traditional roast dinner includes hand-carved roast beef, new potatoes, roast potatoes, a Yorkshire pudding, and a duo of vegetables, with a jug of delicious gravy to pour on top. The final course is a delicious dessert for you to enjoy before you sit back, full up and content! There is a fully licensed bar onboard, serving alcoholic and soft drinks, including excellent draught beers.
From £29
Details about your selected activity | Activitygift


Exclusive Father’s Day offers from London Transport Museum

20% off Father’s Day gifts from the Museum shop 20% off Hidden London tours of disused stations and secret sites
* 20% off all Father’s Day gifts from 29 May – 5 June via ltmuseumshop.co.uk
* Exclusive and unusual gifts inspired by London’s transport heritage – from beautiful vintage sporting posters to exclusive Moquette socks and accessories that feature the iconic transport seating designs familiar to all London
* 20% off Hidden London in-person, virtual and walking tours using code HIDDENDAD20 at checkout until 3 July via ltmuseum.co.uk
* Gift an unforgettable experience and discover a secret side of the capital London Transport Museum has Father’s Day gifting covered, offering 20% off some of its best-selling heritage products, with the same discount available on tickets for its popular Hidden London tours of secret parts of the Underground network

From Sunday 29 May to Sunday 5 June, shoppers can enjoy 20% off everything in the Father’s Day gifting edit on the Museum shop site via ltmuseumshop.co.uk/gifts/categories/fathers-day

A gift that gives on Father’s Day
Helping to stitch a sustainable future

Stitch Sainte Luce is a women’s Cooperative in Madagascar, supported by the charity SEED Madagascar, which has taught embroidery, as well as business skills in maths, sales and English language, to over 100 women, so that they can produce and sell the products to help bring an income to families in the poorest country in the world, where almost 80% of the population lives on less the $1.90 per day
All the items are handmade one-of-a-kind pieces and include ties, bowties, friendship bracelets and homewares, all made using recycled cottons. Each item is 100% unique and makes for a thoughtful Father’s Day gift that will bring a smile to Dad’s face and valuable income to the Cooperative, which needs our support now more than ever.
For more information on Stitch Sainte Luce or to browse their range simply visit www.stitchsainteluce.com.

Beard grooming set

Clean and cleanse with our beard wash, condition with beard oil, style with our beard balm and control with our wax. Carefully formulated to our highest standard. Available across our four unique scents.


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