Black Friday & Cyber Monday DEALS! LISTS OF DEALS HERE PART 2!

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From NOW

Core printers will be retailed at £94.99
£35 off the INSTAX SQUARE Link
£45 off the INSTAX Link WIDE
£20 off the mini Link 2

£15 off the INSTAX mini 40
£15 off the INSTAX SQ40
£20 off mini LiPlay
£25 off the SQUARE SQ1

From Friday 24th November 2023

£10 off the INSTAX mini 12


From NOW
30% Off Instant Photobooks – Including Extra Pages – BLACKFRIDAY30
20% Off Framed Prints – BLACKFRIDAY20
20% Off Canvas Prints- BLACKFRIDAY20

Thankyou news about Black Friday.

For Black Friday and Cyber Weekend (24- 27 November) Thankyou is offering 50% off sitewide! Additionally, in the week prior to the Christmas shipping cut-off, there will be free shipping on all orders (running from the 4- 10 December).

Thankyou is a social enterprise that diverts the profits from its personal care products to charitable organisations combating extreme poverty around the world. Assets and imagery from the brand can be found here.

Also, repa, the brain drink, is offering 30% off sitewide from 20- 29 November. The unique formula created by a team of NZ and Australian neuroscientists and backed by peer reviewed research, the mind-enhancing range of clinically tested brain drinks is caffeine free and provides a natural brain booster.

Arguably Australia’s most comfortable underwear brand, Step One, is known for its end-to-end FSC-certified, bamboo-viscose underwear.

Their sale will offer up to 50% off for Step One with pairs as low as $9.99. 18-27 November

The Fable- Skimlinks

The Fable is known for creating the ultimate silk shirt, with lush, thick fabric, the perfect cut and unique colours. They also now have cotton poplin shirts, pyjamas and eye masks.

They will be offering 40% off store-wide. 18th November to Monday 27th.

Vitruvian- Affiliate program

Vitruvian is the ultimate innovative, smart connected fitness machine that operates by smart algorithms that constantly respond to the way you move. The Vitruvian Trainer+ brings the gym weight room to your home or hotel room in the form of a slim, carbon fibre platform that can easily slide under a bed.

They will be offering 50% off their PRO Kit

The Fast 800 Products

Save 20% on ALL The Fast 800 products! Choose from a range of convenient fasting support products designed by The Fast 800 to help you lose weight and achieve better health.
9-27 November

Brilliant early Black Friday deals from Ultenic.

Notably the TS1 Robot Vacuum is a whopping 42% off at only £289.99 and the K10 Air Fryer is at it’s lowest price ever of £49.99!

All of the deals are available on Amazon from 17th November to 27th November.

Deals Overview – all available 17th November – 27th November

Product: Ultenic TS1 Robot Vacuum
RRP: £499.99
Discount: 42% off
Deal Price: £289.99
Where to buy: Amazon

Product: Ultenic U10 Pro Cordless Vacuum
RRP: £169.99
Discount: 39% off
Deal Price: £103.99
Where to buy: Amazon
High res images: HERE

Product: Ultenic U12 Vesla Cordless Vacuum
RRP: £199.99
Discount: 34% off (including £10 extra off)
Code for extra £10 off: AMZVACBF
Deal Price: £130.19
Where to buy: Amazon

Product: Ultenic K10 Air Fryer
RRP: £69.99
Discount: 29% off
Deal Price: £49.99 (LOWEST PRICE EVER)
Where to buy: Amazon

Product: Ultenic D5S Pro Robot Vacuum
RRP: £159.99
Discount: 20% off
Deal Price: £127.99
Where to buy: Amazon

Product: Ultenic T10 Robot Vacuum
RRP: £339.99
Discount: 20% off
Deal Price: £271.99
Where to buy: Amazon

Product: Ultenic K20 Dual Basket Air Fryer
RRP: £109.99
Discount: 15% off
Deal Price: £93.49
Where to buy: Amazon

Product Information:

Ultenic TS1 Robot Vacuum

Equipped with a self-emptying station and 3L large dust bag, which can automatically empty all the dirt and debris from the robot vacuum. Users no longer have to manually clean the dustbin after every use, it saves time and energy and lets people focus on the cleaning process itself. In addition, the self base station is equipped with a UV light for sterilization, Ultenic points the way to healthy living.

Experience the ultimate floor cleaning performance with our dual-spin mopping system. Powerful Floor Cleaning with 3000 vibrations per minute, it effectively loosens the most stubborn dirt and debris from floors, leaving them spotless and gleaming. Enjoy the convenience of thoroughly cleaned floors without the hassle of manual scrubbing.

Thanks to the innovative built-in laser camera, our TS1 robot vacuum cleaner accurately identifies obstacles and scans a plan of the house in real time. Intelligent NaviFree navigation improves cleaning routes for maximum coverage. Say goodbye to collisions and enjoy a seamless and efficient cleaning experience.

When carpet is detected, it rises up and boosts suction power to the maximum for deeper carpet cleaning in vacuum mode. Say goodbye to hidden dust. And TS1 makes a detour around the carpets to avoid wetting them in Mop modes.

The TS1 robot cleans for up to 110 mins on a single charge. When the battery gets low, it automatically returns to its charging dock, then resumes right where it left off ensuring a complete clean.

Ultenic U10 Pro Cordless Vacuum

Equipped with a powerful 400W brushless motor, the U10 Pro cordless stick vacuum can generate up to 30Kpa suction power, effortlessly picking up debris, dust and pet hair from any surface. Switch between eco and max mode with the press of a button for quick cleaning on hardwood floors or deep cleaning on carpets.

Weighing less than 5 pounds, the stick vacuum cleaner is easy to manoeuvre around furniture and other obstacles without the hassle of cords. With the LED headlights and the lay flat design, it can pick hidden debris from under furniture.

The cordless vacuum cleaner can be easily converted from a stick vacuum to an extended reach or hand vacuum for convenient above-floor cleaning, like keyboards, wall, ceiling, sofa, countertop, and more. It’s also convenient to carry it with attachments for car and garden cleanin.

The U10 Pro cordless vacuum features a high-performance filtration system that captures 99.99% of fine dust and locks them in the dustbin, keeping the air fresh and clean. The washable filters help increase the stick vacuum’s lifespan and maintain optimal suction power. Simply rinse them under water and let dry before using again.

With a 7-cell energy-dense battery of 2200mAh, the stick vacuum cleaner enables you to enjoy up to 35 minutes of cordless cleaning freedom on a single charge. Spare battery packs are available in Ultenic Store. *Run time may vary depending on suction modes, surface type and attachments used.

The XL dust cup lets you easily empty dirt and debris without touching it, just simply click to pump out the dust. This cordless stick vacuum also stores and recharges easily on the wall mount, so it’s always ready to go.

Ultenic U12 Vesla Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Ultenic U12 Vesla cordless vacuum adopts advanced GreenEye technology. The green LED headlights reveal microscopic dust on hard floors, identify the dirtiest areas, reduce cleaning time and save energy for more precise and efficient cleaning. The vacuum includes different brush heads with the versatility to use it as a stick or hand vacuum and the host of the cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a flashlight, which illuminates dark areas and makes it easier to clean corners of desks, cabinets, sofas, etc.

Say goodbye to dust, hair and particles with this cordless vacuum cleaner. Equipped with a 450W high speed digital motor the U12 Vesla provides suction up to 30Kpa. There are 4 different speed modes to meet all of the users’ daily needs and whilst on AutoMode, it detects the amount of dust or dirt on the floor and adjusts the suction power automatically. Powering up is a one-button operation so there is no need to press the button for an extended period of time making it much easier to use. The dashboard-inspired screen design adds a fun touch to the daily cleaning routine and the battery status, brush clogging, air duct blockage, light on or off and the selected mode can be all be quickly monitored. The U12 Vesla vacuum also has a HEPA filtration system which captures 99.9% of pollen, bacteria and dust mites so ideal for hay fever or allergy sufferers. Perfect for both hard floors and carpets, it tackles the toughest messes with ease.

Ultenic K10 Smart Air Fryer

Cook food faster and save 80% less energy than an oven, reduce food’s oil content by up to 90% and preserve more nutrients in food. Loading with 11 one-touch pre-sets, it can easily and intelligently cook french fries, chicken, steak, bacon etc. – Just choose a food type and press the button! Be inspired with the free 100-Recipe cookbook and explore, save, customize more common and pro online recipes in Ultenic App.

Feed up to 5 people or fit a whole roast chicken, 5L large square basket is an ideal choice for family and fits perfectly on any kitchen countertop. An ergonomic touchscreen control panel displays a full view of your cooking progress, increasing visibility and ease of use without bending over. The Smart K10 air fryer provides the ability to control it through voice commands with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant when hands are covered in oil or flour. Free hands and enjoy a smarter way of cooking! Easy to clean with a non-stick, dishwasher-safe basket free from BPA and PFOAs. The air fryer has UKCA Certification with a power rating of 220V/1500W, which applies to the UK.

Ultenic D5S Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop

With a strong suction of 3000Pa, the D5S Pro robotic vacuum can easily pick up dust, hair and dirt. The suction is available in 3 levels, meeting different needs. It is equipped with a 700ml dust bin and 300ml water tank with mop, enabling the robot cleaner to vacuum and mop at the same time.

The Ultenic D5S Pro supports up to 120 minutes of constant cleaning at a low noise of less than 60db, which is ideal for both household and public places. It will automatically go back to the charging station after finishing the cleaning or when the battery is low.

With the technology of ultra carpet boost, the suction power of the robotic vacuum cleaner can reach up to 3000Pa, which helps clean and vacuum pet hair on the carpet easily.

The robot vacuum cleaner can be controlled remotely, not only by remote control but it can also connect with the App (Ultenic) to schedule cleaning plans, adjust suction levels, change cleaning modes, etc. Being compatible with Alexa and Google Home also allows the robot vacuum cleaner to be controlled with voice commands. It only supports 2. 4GHz Wi-Fi.

Ultenic T10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop

The Ultenic T10 robot vacuum cleaner comes with an intelligent and convenient self-empty base, which means there’s no need to empty the dustbin after each clean.
The built-in dust bag is 4.3L and disposable. It just needs to be changed every 60 days. The self-empty base will remind users to change the dust bag when it’s full. People can control the self-empty base by App, for example setting the frequency of dust collection.

The upgraded LDS 8.0 Technology allows the robot vacuum to generate precise maps of a home more quickly by 360-degree scanning. And compared with other models, the efficiency of generating maps increases by one-third than before.

The T10 robotic vacuum cleaner with an eletric-controlled 2-in-1 dustbin & water tank supports vacuuming and mopping at the same time. There are 4 adjustable levels of water volume for the mopping function, giving floors a comprehensive clean. The robot vacuum can clean a room deeply with Y-shaped Mopping.
The vacuum cleaner can be controlled remotely, not only by remote control but it also can connect with the App (Ultenic) to show users the map and battery status, set the virtual boundary, schedule cleaning plans, adjust suction power and choose cleaning modes, etc. When users don’t want to use the App or remote control, give the robot vacuum voice commands and it will react accordingly.

The robot vacuum cleaner adopted the multi-map memory function, breaking through the limitation of other models that only one map can be memorized. The robot can create and store multiple maps in App to make itself be always ready to clean promptly and efficiently, even when moved to a different location or floor.

Ultenic K20 Dual Basket Air Fryer

The 360° Rapid Air Circulation Technology creates delicious foods that crispy ouside and juicy inside with up to 60% faster than traditional oven, saving on average 80% energy bills.

Make everything from breakfast to dessert effortlessly and quickly with 6 one-touch cooking presets: Air fryer, Broil, Bake, Dehydrate, and more. Easily explore more possibilities by setting a preferred time and temperature.

Perfect size for feeding the whole family or whipping up snacks for a party with the large 7.6L dual basket capacity. Split into two 3.8L baskets with independent cooking control, users can cook main courses and side dishes at the same time faster and easier – no back-to-back cooking.

The SYNC Finish function lets users cook 2 foods 2 different ways yet automatically finish at the same time; The Dual Cook function lets users easily cook both baskets with same cooking settings for full 7.6 capacity.

From full meals to crispy snacks for the whole family, enjoy crispy, tender results for all favourite fried foods with 90% less oil.

Black Friday dash cam deals available now from Viofo. There’s a great 20% off the A119 V3 at just £87.99, the WM1 at only £95.99 and the A139 Pro 2CH at £263.99. All of the deals are available on Amazon UK from now until 27th November.

Deals Overview: all available now until 27th November

Product: Viofo A119 V3
RRP: £109.99
Discount: 20% off
Deal Price: £87.99
Where to buy: Amazon

Product: Viofo WM1
RRP: £119.99
Discount: 20% off
Deal Price: £95.99
Where to buy: Amazon

Product: Viofo A139 Pro 2CH
RRP: £329.99
Discount: 20% off
Deal Price: £263.99
Where to buy: Amazon

Product Information:

Viofo WM1

Featuring Sony STARVIS IMX335 image sensor, the WM1 dash camera supports recording in stunning 1440P@30fps. Plus with WDR technology, it captures more key details like road signs and number plates during day and night. The 135-degree wide-angle also provides an extended view and fewer blind spots.

Link the WM1 dashcam to VIOFO app via a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection, users can configure options and change setting easily. It can also realise the playback, download, and sharing of recorded video files.

A smaller, compact design enhances driving visibility without impeding users line of sight. Its 60-degree rotatable front lens design accommodates most windshields and mounting angles. Simple installation and setup with detailed instruction manual included, friendly enough for all users.

WM1 offers 3 excellent parking modes. Auto Event Detection mode automatically starts recording with events detected. The buffered parking mode function will work automatically to record 5s before the event and 30s after the event while a moving object is detected during parking. Time Lapse recording and low bitrate recording also help to save SD card memory.

Viofo A119 V3

The A119 V3 uses a QHD 5MP IMX335 Sony starvis sensor and high quality 140° wide angle lens to ensure the best quality footage is recorded at 60 frames per second. It has a built in microphone & motion detection. Never miss a number plate or incident again. Measuring just 5.3 x 4.8 x 8.3cm this VIOFO A119 V3 car dash cam is discreet but high quality. It securely attaches directly to the windscreen & out of direct eye-line, unlike other dashcams for cars with an adhesive mount that drys out or becomes detached meaning users can be confident this camera will be there if needed.

The A119 V3 dash camera uses secure GPS to store real-time speed, G forces, the time & location. This data is displayed in the video file when played back which can be vital for Insurance claims or Police evidence. Combined with other useful features including auto event detection, auto start/ stop, parking mode, time lapse recording and more. 50% of UK road deaths happen at night. With this in mind the VIOFO A119 V3 in car dashcam has been developed to ensure it provides the clearest possible picture at night. This is thanks to the Sony 5MP sensor & HDR software which can quickly adjust to bright & dark areas which is vital when driving with other cars headlights at night.

Viofo A139 Pro 2 Channel dash cam

Innovative dash cam manufacturer, VIOFO, is pleased to introduce its first dash cam, the A139 Pro, deploying the newest Sony STARVIS 2 sensor. It is the first real 4K dashcam supporting up to 3 channel recording, powerful enough to rival most existing 4K dashcam competitors with immensely upgraded image clarity and accuracy in license capturing. Featuring two cameras, a 4K front camera lens providing nearly 300° of smooth rotation and another camera which can record the interior of the vehicle or the rear as well as 5GHz Wi-Fi, 24/7 parking monitoring and GPS tracking, it gives drivers the ultimate in peace of mind and recorded evidence when needed.

Thanks to its two cameras, the VIOFO A139 Pro dash cam can record the road ahead, and the interior of the vehicle or the road behind. The front camera with a 300° rotation delivers 4K ultra HD recording and deploys Sony’s latest technology STARVIS 2 IMX 678 image sensor, type 1/1.8”, which offers a wider dynamic range in a single exposure than the STARVIS pixel of the same size. Sony’s image sensor with STARVIS 2 technology have the sensitivity well above that of the human eye.

Chapel Down – making it more affordable than ever to provide the bubbles this Christmas.

From Friday 24th November to Monday 27th November Chapel Down’s best-selling A Touch of Sparkle 2022 case (6 bottles) will be available for £75.00 including free delivery giving customers a saving of £45 (RRP: £120).

Please find imagery here.

Denzel’s – making it even easier to treat your dog this Christmas with treats, stockings and advent calendars.

From Monday 20th to Friday 27th November Denzel’s products site wide will be 25% off on all orders over £30.

Please find imagery here.

Vital Proteins – award-winning collagen brand fronted by Jennifer Aniston

From Thursday 23rd – Thursday 30th November Vital Proteins products site wide will be 25% off sitewide with additional offers on the Amazon site.

Listing link official price Deal price Discount
£27.99 18.19 35.01%(TBC)
£44.79 £27.46 38.69% (TBC)
£38.07 25 34.33% (TBC)
£33.59 25.69 23.52%
£45.00 38.25 15.00%
£17.92 13.17 26.51%
£46.37 £37.10 20.00%
£26.94 £21.55 20.00%

This Black Friday, premium performance sportswear brand, Castore is offering UP TO 40% OFF everything sitewide, and 50% OFF selected ranges.
Elevate your workouts and aspire for progress in precision t-shirts, quarter-zip jackets and hoodies, all engineered to support you on the relentless push for growth. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can get 40% off everything and 50% off the Scuba and Garcia collections.
Castore’s Black Friday sale launches TODAY until Monday 27th November across a range of men’s and women’s apparel.

Modibodi has announced its Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.

Modibodi – the global leaks apparel brand – is having its biggest sale yet, with up to 50% off sitewide from the 13th – 30th November for Black Friday and an extra 10% off all sale items from the 27th – 30th of November for Cyber Monday.
With styles from Modibodi’s much-loved and best-selling collections, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect pair for less!

3 Henrietta Street, located in the heart of Covent Garden, has launched some great deals for their diners in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The gorgeous townhouse, which is home to Lilly’s Café, Pivot Bar & Bistro, and El Ta’koy, has some great offers for customers who visit the restaurants between the 24th and 27th of November. The offers are:

– Spend over £100 at Pivot and receive a free bottle of prosecco
– 2 For 1 on Margaritas at El Ta’koy
– 2 For 1 on Lilly’s Shine cocktail

Come down to 3 Henrietta Street to celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year with each restaurant providing its own unique experience. Pivot Bar and Bistro serves up quintessentially British food, Lilly’s Café offers diners the most delicious all day brunch, and El Ta’koy creates the true Hawaiian vibes.

Holiday Best’s amazing Black Friday deals on 2024 holidays.

They have a dedicated landing page for some of their favourites:, but major discounts are being applied across the main holiday search functionality as well!

Plus, with every booking made between today (Monday 20th November) and Sunday 26th November, they are giving away a free beach bag essentials gift! Just a little added extra to spread the festive joy.

Holiday Best launched in July with a simple, transparent offering, and in just three clicks, holidaymakers can book their perfect trip. With a deposit of just £50pp (the lowest on the market) and all costs upfront, customers can expect a swift and easy booking journey, with no hidden extras.



Enjoy fun for the whole family at unmissable prices this Black Friday, as Merlin Entertainments is offering exclusive £10 tickets for major attractions across the country.

Throughout Black Friday weekend, guests can get their hands on discounted tickets for SEA LIFE centres (excl. London and Blackpool), Cadbury World, LEGOLAND Discovery Centres, and York and Edinburgh Dungeons, so there’s plenty of family fun for visitors to enjoy.

Put your building skills to the test at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester and Birmingham. For just £10 per ticket, guests can enjoy the ultimate indoor LEGO® playground, watch a film in the 4D cinema, plus experience a brick-tastic scavenger hunt in the attractions’ MINILAND®.

Step into a chocolatey world of fun with mouth-watering prices at Cadbury World, where guests can watch the talented chocolatiers in action before putting their piping skills to the test and riding the 4D Crunchie rollercoaster.

Delve into the deepest darkest secrets of days gone by, as guests can enjoy horrific history at The Edinburgh and York Dungeons for frighteningly low prices.

Dive into super savings at SEA LIFE centres (excl. London and Blackpool) with a huge discount across Black Friday weekend, where guests can journey through an amazing underwater world and discover fascinating marine life.

Guests can bag themselves an exclusive £10 ticket to any of these attractions from 23rd – 27th November inclusive. The tickets will be valid for visits until 15th March, excluding February half term.

SEA LIFE is also offering a huge discount across adoption packs during Black Friday weekend. From 23rd-27th November guests can adopt their choice of sea creature while helping to fund vital conservation work and breeding programmes at SEA LIFE. Each adoption pack will cost just £20 – a jaw-some half price discount!

Each adoption pack also includes:
• A voucher for free entry to SEA LIFE
• Certificate of adoption
• Fun facts and information pack
• An adoption sticker pack
• A mini-plush of your chosen animal
• Sea Life Trust donation of 10%

Making them a perfect gift for Christmas or Birthdays.

If that’s not enough Black Friday bargains, SEA LIFE Manchester is also offering 20% off their Snorkel with Sharks experience. This amazing adventure allows guests to submerge themselves in the centre’s snorkelling cage as they come face-to-fin with the mesmerizing creatures of the deep. Available on selected days and times, please see the website for more information.

To redeem these exciting, discounted offers, simply head to your local attractions’ website to purchase your tickets across the five-day period.

The Dungeons:

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre:


SEA LIFE Manchester Snorkel with Sharks:

Cadbury World:

Finding a meaningful gift for a loved one that doesn’t break the bank can be a difficult and daunting task. However, with Black Friday approaching, there’s never been a better time to begin your Christmas shopping. Beginning today till the 27th of November, air up® – the world’s first in drink technology – is offering unbeatable discounts and special promotions across all products, making it the perfect time to purchase 2023’s most innovative water bottle.

air up®’s Black Friday deals:
• 10% off at £25
• 15% off at £35
• 20% off at £50
• 30% off at £70
• 40% off at £100
Receiving over 877.5 million views on TikTok, the latest viral reusable water bottle is a world first in food technology. Through aroma pods, air up creates a perception of taste through smell, providing a zero calorie, zero sugar and zero additive way to drink 100% pure water which tastes flavoured – perfect for those who struggle to reach their daily water intake.

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