What is SIRT6 which is known as the “longevity” Sirtuin. Find out more here ….. (use code INTOUCH for 10% off on www.donotage.org)

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What is SIRT6 which isknown as the “longevity” Sirtuin.

See the full story @ :- https://www.intouchrugby.com/magazine/what-is-sirt6-which-is-known-as-the-longevity-sirtuin-find-out-more-here-use-code-intouch-for-10-off-on-www-donotage-org/

David Sinclair is posting about it. Vera Gorbunova is the expert on it. DoNotAge have mastered activating it. But what is it?

1 of your 7 Sirtuins, SIRT6 is known as the “longevity” Sirtuin.

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